Tucker Carlson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Tucker Carlson is admired by white nationalists, elected officials, and maybe some of your relatives or coworkers. Given that he has the ear of so many Americans, John Oliver explains where Tucker came from, what his rhetorical tactics are, and what he represents.
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  • Melissa Honeybee
    Melissa Honeybee46 minutter siden

    OMG. I knew Carlson was a piece of shit, but I had no idea he was so fucking evil!

  • netzoned
    netzonedTime siden

    It does not matter if Carlson is on or not, or any of the other racists, the racists will be racists, generation after generation. But, their Christians, so that makes it OK.

  • Callum Craig
    Callum CraigTime siden

    There are problems with Tucker Carlson, but this was a hatchet job by John Oliver. The arguments he laid out against Tucker were as bad as the ones he was criticizing.

  • Stand Tall
    Stand TallTime siden

    John Oliver is a democrat who only cares about their corrupt views. Democrats look insane to everyone who uses logic and reasoning.

  • John Smith
    John Smith2 timer siden

    John, your schtick has become become v tired, just another wokeathon yawnfest

  • Aaron Feldsteen
    Aaron Feldsteen2 timer siden

    It's hard to stand by am antisemite like Ilhan Omar.

  • chess boi

    chess boi

    Time siden

    How is she an anti semite

  • Justin Robinson
    Justin Robinson3 timer siden

    Tucker is a legend. Speaks truth, challenges leftist snowflakes like most of the people here and doesn't conform to the stupid woke cancel culture idiots here...

  • Tito Lounge

    Tito Lounge

    48 minutter siden

    So because there's less and less people are going to church every year, does that mean only the nutjobs like you are left?

  • Hersch Mendel

    Hersch Mendel

    2 timer siden

    says the white supremacist...

  • Lily Burrell
    Lily Burrell3 timer siden

    Dr suess did express racist views, he also supported American- Japanese camps through his political cartoons. However he denounced those views later when he began making children's books.

  • Bonnita Claus
    Bonnita Claus3 timer siden

    Back in the 70s, when the military opened to parallel training for the first time. An experiment to last two years. Went into the military. I was married, and I got pregnant. I was scheduled an order to get to the airport for a trip to Germany. There I was to get an abortion. I did not want an abortion. I was informed that my career would be over with. Women are not allowed to have children in the military. I’d have to give the child up for adoption. Having a husband didn’t seem to come into the equation. I was scheduled a couple times. The thing is I did not want an abortion, I was told the military does not have maternity uniforms. Because the military does not have maternity uniforms I had to abort my baby.

  • CMG The Person
    CMG The Person3 timer siden

    Tucker used to look so good. Wtf happened?

  • Kimberly Wiltshire
    Kimberly Wiltshire3 timer siden

    Ok so here is a strategy, O I will declare myself a Republican and, and say Tucker is a piece of sh*t..if we all sign up as Repubs then we make their statustics and domegraphics wonky. I give no sh*ts what I am registered as. Labels are limiting, but in this instant I could yse it to mess with the algorithm.

  • Joe 90
    Joe 904 timer siden

    Ripping Carlson apart is shooting fish in a barrel, and you manage to find the only presenter capable of missing with every shot, it's even more irritating than Fox.

  • Peter Pathos
    Peter Pathos4 timer siden

    Normally I love the points that John Oliver gives, but this episode is riddled with logical fallacies.

  • Hipfire Hippie

    Hipfire Hippie

    2 timer siden

    It's indeed riddled with logical fallacies, thanks to segments of Tucker Carlson speaking.

  • Marie O' Dwyer
    Marie O' Dwyer4 timer siden

    I think John and his team wasted their time with this one. Tucker Carlson built a career pandering to the fears and prejudices of specific type of American, many of whom are wealthy. He works in cable news, everyone there is selling a product. Tucker’s is so clearly branded you could write a sample script after watching three episodes. Nobody who enjoys Tucker Carlson is watching John Oliver, if anything John is just validating his own viewers with this. It’s entertaining but I think his segments are usually more productive.

  • mike A
    mike A4 timer siden

    This guys a tool

  • Oh
    Oh5 timer siden

    Yooooo I will forever remember when he got afraid that he saw himself in a Black man defending his sons as he did his daughters.

  • Adam Prall
    Adam Prall5 timer siden

    Tardleson says the stupidest things in every clip: he says things he couldn't possible know, like that "none" of the people protesting police violence have "contributed anything to this country." Which is dead wrong, he could know that by identifying even one protestor and their job, while one could credibly argue that his show does nothing but _destroy_ all societies, starting with Western audience that's dumb enough to listen to this KKK rhetoric.

  • David Santor
    David Santor5 timer siden

    Tucker Carlson = BAFFLE GAB ! at best . Who can ever trust or respect him ? Did not realize how long he'd been in the public eye.

  • Mike Ellwood
    Mike Ellwood6 timer siden

    5:16 Look at that picture of Carlson! No wonder he grew up to hate everyone who looks better than him.

  • janusz delondre
    janusz delondre6 timer siden

    a clear case of anagram determinism, (r) (as in republican) real (as in 100%) sock (as in puppet) cnut (as in tucker carlson.

  • antichicken
    antichicken6 timer siden

    I love Tucker, he's based.

  • beege 44
    beege 446 timer siden

    Oh please let him be the Republican candidate! He will mobilize every Democrat and Independent to vote for whoever runs against him. The white supremisists may be loud since Trump brought them out of the wood work, but they are far from outnumbering the rest of us.

  • Atom Heart
    Atom Heart6 timer siden

    Tucker Carlson is the Klans favorite puppet

  • Haim Geva
    Haim Geva6 timer siden

    I don't agree with Carlson on almost anything. However - I don't agree with John either. The only way to judge ideas and form opinions is by listening to people you don't necessarily agree with. "shutting Carlson down" is not the way. Free speech is the only way to tackle even the most offensive ideas. So no - I'm not worried that 3M people listen to Carlson every night. I am worried that the best line of defence that John has to offer is "shut him down".

  • Haim Geva

    Haim Geva

    39 minutter siden

    @Hipfire Hippie de-platforming is not the way. The problem is not Carlson personally. The problem is the 3M who think his message make sense. De-platform him - you make him a martyr and his 3M go (maybe rightly so) - “he was right and ‘they’ had to put him down”. You may win a moment of gratification, but you will lose both the debate and the support of the people. If Carlsons message is so abominable - which I believe should be easily demonstrable- surely it should be easy enough to refute and ridicule (the message, not the man). Win the debate and you may also change a few people’s minds.

  • Hipfire Hippie

    Hipfire Hippie

    Time siden

    ​@Haim Geva It's close to impossible to democratically De-platform a modern day Nazi like Carlson. Even when he comes very close to dropping the facade (like with his replacement theory segment form last week), it's still not close enough. The best we can do is tar and feathers.

  • Haim Geva

    Haim Geva

    2 timer siden

    ​@Hersch Mendel I am not convinced Tucker Carlson presents a "lethal threat". This kind of hyperbole is what you use when you are too intellectually lazy to argue your case. De-platforming your opponent is a totalitarian tactic, not a tool one would utilise lightly in a free society.

  • Hersch Mendel

    Hersch Mendel

    2 timer siden

    That's because your free speech fundamentalism glasses prevent you from comprehending meaning, content and the effects of racist, nationalist, anti-semitic, homophobe hate speech. The sad thing is that you people neither have a moral compass nor the ability to recognize that these ideologies are beyond "a difference of opinion". History has shown again and again a lethal threats these are to the ones outside of them. Your buddy Trump just proved to the world recently what a mantra of lies can led people to do. So hiding behind your free speech banner won't save you from taking a stand on what Tucker and his fellow dimwits are selling - well, I guess you just have...

  • Imnay Hymn
    Imnay Hymn7 timer siden

    I have always found it amusing (Not Funny) that comments are disabled on FOX "News" not MSNBC or CNN or the other obvious fakers. Is it because they are concerned facts may leak either via osmosis or other radical liberal ideas like photogenisis. The audience would abviously know these heretics are liars. So why not allow comments Fox ? ;)

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M7 timer siden

    It's cool that john Oliver created a minimum standard of shithead, before you get your own show.

  • Dylan Ross
    Dylan Ross8 timer siden

    The left's equivalent to Tucker Carlson is John Oliver. Yall are a waste of space.

  • DudeRanch StripClub
    DudeRanch StripClub8 timer siden

    "White Supremacist talking points" could be fucking anything though.

  • Hipfire Hippie

    Hipfire Hippie

    2 timer siden

    Tucker is that you?

  • Patricia Timmons
    Patricia Timmons8 timer siden

    I can't stand listening to Fox News! They knowingly are trying to persuade the public to not facinate, Covid isn't deadly etc. They need to be held accountable like everyone else always is and convicted of 2nd degree murder to anyone who's loved one has died and listened to Fox News!! They're are flipping puppets!!

  • CrazyDiamondDave
    CrazyDiamondDave8 timer siden

    I used to watch Oliver. He use to give good impressive, uncommon, informative information with a comedic twist. Now it's too political to just enjoy his comedy. Too right or wrong to go after today's topics. Just do your thing stop pandering to anyone's side. Make jokes about the current presidency. I dare you. Take sides, which is alright, but feel free to make people's lives enjoyable. Unfortunately if Oliver keeps this up, he won't last. There are too many already giving the same speech and same blah blah blah. Oliver will end up on NOlocal strictly for sure.

  • TJ Seals

    TJ Seals

    4 timer siden

    He literally did slam Joe Biden in the episode on Bankruptcy but ok

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M8 timer siden

    John Oliver has gone so down hill ... he claims within the first minute tucker displayed "transphobia" and then listed all the leftist buzzwords. Nice argument there not explaining how anything he said was bad ... fucking joke that anyone can still take him seriously !!

  • mozzy5150
    mozzy51509 timer siden

    I'm still trying to laugh over here...I thought this was supposed to be comedy.

  • Nova Verse
    Nova Verse9 timer siden

    Rutger Bregman actually roasted Tucker big time too!.

  • Jinnie Xi Pooh
    Jinnie Xi Pooh9 timer siden

    God i hate bri ish peepool.

  • Jinnie Xi Pooh
    Jinnie Xi Pooh9 timer siden

    I don’t think pregnant woman should be on the frontlines, just saying.

  • Karen Cox
    Karen Cox10 timer siden

    Tucker is a horrid personality to have on tv, people spewing out hate and lies as he does are brainwashing the dumbarses who watch them. The result is awful situations like the capital riot. Also, those opportunists that loot during peaceful protests are damaging those who are there for the right reasons, they aren't doing anyone any favours. Tucker and anyone like him need to be rained in and made to prove the lies they spew which of course they can't.

  • Jason Doust
    Jason Doust10 timer siden

    History will not be kind to Tucker. Nor should it be.

  • Justine Lepage
    Justine Lepage11 timer siden

    Wait... are you telling me Tucker doesn’t jizz mayonnaise?? I’ll be back, I have calls to make...

  • Francisco Roca
    Francisco Roca11 timer siden

    John and producers, this is class!

  • drew2pac
    drew2pac11 timer siden

    Can I just say, as someone who is ‘ethnic’ I do believe we need to chill with the race constant race baiting. Some black friends feel the same after the wake of the Floyd case. ‘White saviour syndrome’ was something someone said. Also, it remains true that you’re more likely to experience injustice by your own. There are far more inter-racial killings etc.

  • Peter Berry
    Peter Berry12 timer siden

    17:35 "they say what they feel like saying" Man, he's gonna freak out when he learns about the first amendment.

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey12 timer siden

    The worst racists are also the most physically repugnant individuals

  • DB
    DB13 timer siden

    The sooner both sides of the aisle stop seeing each other as the enemy and just some people with differing opinions the better for the rest of us. Someone’s gotta move first though.

  • ArgentumEmperio


    11 timer siden

    I am gonna stop ya' there for a very simple reason: If you plan on funding road construction, you can make fair arguments on how to do it - that's the basis of politics. If you plan on removing kids from parents to scare people into staying away from you, or if you support that, then you are morally bankrupt and a danger if ever given any amount of power. One is about morals, one is about politics - one CANNOT equate the two of them because that is what's done in totalitarian societies. "Hey, your neighbour might be up to something but we don't have the means to keep track of every single aspect of people's lives, that would be intrusion on people's rights to privacy. That's why we require you, the loyal and proud citizens of our great nation, to investigate and report things to us, even if they aren't committing crimes but just act suspiciously ... you have to tell us, that's your duty as a loyal citizen." That's the rhetoric that has been used by people such as Tucker, Trump, KKK-wizards, and many, many more people. Its worth noting I just described two things: 1. The book "1984" also known as "Big Brother" 2. Nazi Germany and how they managed to round up so many Jews to exterminate and people who expressed just different opinions to the Nazi-party Oh yah, I can safely say that there's a lot of bickering in the USA both from Republicans and Democrats... but we aren't talking about them, we are talking about you equating Democrats with Facists and saying "both sides need to stop seeing each other as enemies with different opinions about the basics of democracy and a fair society for all". So... yah' probably shouldn't try to equate people who are sensible with those who support overthrowing any system they can if they know they can garner power from it. And before you say _anything _ about wokeness or brainwashing or any of other normal responses that always come from this: I am not American, but I am a political science student - I spend my time reading and looking up everything from totalitarian regimes, monarchies, and understanding democracies for their strengths and weaknesses. If you don't want to take my words for any of these things, look up an article called "14 characteristics of fascism" and look at what date that was published. Yah'... this has been a thing in the US LONG before Trump made it a public thing most folks started to passively support and in some examples, as shown on the 6th of January, ACTIVELY supports.

  • big ol'
    big ol'13 timer siden

    Why does John describe ethnically white in such a sneering hateful tone? It's just a human being!

  • Maggie Burkart

    Maggie Burkart

    6 timer siden

    It wasn’t a sneering, hateful tone. And his point was that Tucker Carlson was lying when he said that race wasn’t a factor in his upbringing and that most people where he lived didn’t even have last names. HIS last name is very clearly ethnically “white”, is the point, so he wasn’t being truthful.

  • Take ItEasy
    Take ItEasy13 timer siden

    LOVE his non-swear word insults!

  • John Q.
    John Q.13 timer siden

    Tucker says what 60 percent of this country is thinking.

  • Léon Bottlaender
    Léon Bottlaender13 timer siden

    You're doing it to hard, islamophobe, transphobe, sexist, racist... You're becoming a snowflake stereotype, try to get your integrity back.

  • Sam Waite
    Sam Waite14 timer siden

    Misleading man rips into other misleading man

  • None Ya
    None Ya15 timer siden

    Well his culture is in Europe he should go back! 🖕🏼🤣🖕🏼

  • Ravaged Guy
    Ravaged Guy15 timer siden

    Tucker seems not so bad.

  • Jenifer R.
    Jenifer R.15 timer siden

    Tucker and Buckley... I have JUST figured out where Stephen Colbert's character "Tuck Buckford" got his name.

  • Daniel Olson
    Daniel Olson16 timer siden

    "he's smart enough not to openly say into a camera that certain races are more deserving of scorn or less worthy of respect" So that's what a white nationalist is? Because why can't I "rank the races"? I get why you shouldn't judge *individuals* based on that information, that would be predjudice, but to claim that we're all the same is literally just denial of reality, which personally is a far, faaaar worse crime than anything I've seen out of tucker and could even be what's fueling the anti-poc fire these days: deny reality more, other people will grip it tighter and tighter.

  • a54109


    14 timer siden

    @Odogg Voorhees Look around and what do you see?

  • Odogg Voorhees

    Odogg Voorhees

    16 timer siden

    Imagine defending ranking the races. How would you rank the races? Is white at the top? Is black between Latino and Indian?

  • Stephen Kiernan
    Stephen Kiernan16 timer siden

    If you didn't like this video. "Then you ain't black.

  • Elmarie Louise
    Elmarie Louise16 timer siden

    Love you Tucker!!!!!!🙌🙌🙌

  • Hipfire Hippie

    Hipfire Hippie

    2 timer siden

    ​@Elmarie Louise You said that "you know nothing about his 'nazi theories". But if you regularly watch Carlson, you actually know quite a lot about it. And now you know what it's called. ..Baby steps i guess.

  • Elmarie Louise

    Elmarie Louise

    9 timer siden

    As a white person in South Africa I do feel that white people need protection. It scares me to see how extreme this is all becoming. So many Innocent people and farmers are being blatantly and viscously murdered.. No Justice. In fact part of the black African people are boasting about it. They motivate other African black citizens towards this horrid behaviour. Am I a racist for feeling this way? Ps: We have Amazing black citizens. People/ Friends I know personally and love. These media frenzies worsens the all of this. Something is off and way out of balance. The American 'Democratic Party' are all controlled by White Suprematists. Despite their 'Black Lives Matter' propaganda. The same goes for our black African government. These twisted manipulators hide behind racism- or use it to divide and distract us from their own mission. Which is to stay in control. And keep us busy with the all of this. Succeeding fully in their mission to blind and DIVIDE us. And this right here falls in this category.

  • Elmarie Louise

    Elmarie Louise

    14 timer siden

    .. according to the distorted information being shared here, and the way they are doing it, I conclude that Tucker is coming too close to truth. Clearly. Why are the 'Democrats' blatant hypocritical virtue signalling and lies!..not being 'pulled apart'. They are all liars.

  • angrychicken


    14 timer siden

    @Elmarie Louise oh you missed the one about how he thinks immigrants are browning out our country and “replacing” us. Pretty similar to mustache man.

  • Elmarie Louise

    Elmarie Louise

    14 timer siden

    @angrychicken I know nothing about his 'nazi theories'. I care for truth, and about those who dare to speak it.

  • Aussie Nikki
    Aussie Nikki17 timer siden

    TUCKER has gone all in with the"REPLACEMENTS THEORY"

  • Wahine Mohio

    Wahine Mohio

    7 timer siden

    @a54109 other races are a thing, immigrants are a thing. Get over it

  • a54109


    12 timer siden

    As he should.

  • Теодора Милушева
    Теодора Милушева17 timer siden

    The United States of America-so easily devided, only people will loose from that bickering , these talk shaw hosts make thousands, running their mouths, that is their job....They don't care about actual people's lives....Hopefully you'll understand that before it's too late

  • mdtmjat
    mdtmjat17 timer siden

    The real problem is that the people who need to hear this.. will never hear it.....

  • Skab
    Skab18 timer siden

    Rent free

  • Sparks
    Sparks18 timer siden

    That is so stupid, if white nationalists watch a show, it doesn’t mean the show or its host is for white nationalists. That’s like saying because white nationalists like some ideas that BLM has it must mean BLM is a white nationalist organization. You think white nationalists like that black people have their own segregated sections on universities? They do. you know who else likes that? BLM. that must mean BLM is a white nationalist organization

  • Maggie Burkart

    Maggie Burkart

    6 timer siden

    @Sparks also the fact that you’re comparing white Americans to Jewish people in terms of persecution is very telling.

  • Maggie Burkart

    Maggie Burkart

    6 timer siden

    Have you ever heard of dogwhistles? They’re verbal or sometimes visual cues that people give to IMPLY that they stand with an extreme group, which mostly only members of that extreme group will understand, while maintaining plausible deniability. They allow people who aren’t EXPLICITLY white supremicists to court the approval of that demographic (whether they themselves actually believe the same things or whether they just want to use those people) without saying it outright. Using phrases like “we’re being replaced” when talking about the electorate becoming less white, or “those people [talking about BLM protesters who are mostly black] have NEVER contributed to the society that WE built” is dog whistling white supremacy. Nowadays, most white supremicists have moved away from explicitly being members of white supremecist organizations (because then they get classified as members hate groups and face legal consequences) to being just subscribers, followers, or viewers, and people like Tucker Carlson cater their dogwhistles to them. Whether he himself actually believes that crap is one question, but he IS using the same language, so functionally it doesn’t even matter what his intentions are.

  • Sparks


    15 timer siden

    @angrychicken I mean that people Americans elected, regardless of skin color, would be the ones endorsing mass immigration which would make Americans a minority in their own country. It’s the same reason Israel limits its own immigration so heavily, they understand that Jews have been persecuted across the world and that if they migrate to many people from outside their country it could make the people they are supposed to protect a minority in a system that could be voted into subjugating and killing Jewish people that were once safe in Israel.

  • Sparks


    16 timer siden

    @Tom Chawner I didn’t see them endorsing it, he said that tucker presents some arguments in a good way and that they learn from it. I go back to my original analogy, lots of white supremacists use BLM tactics and ideas to make their own ideas more palatable, that doesn’t mean that BLM is white supremacist. It’s pretty simple to understand just because two groups use the same strategies doesn’t mean they believe or fight for the same thing. the fact anyone thinks it’s a trump card that groups use the same strategies is ridiculous, of course they use the same strategies, the strategies work, it’s clear it works, so why wouldn’t they use them and just paint over it with their own ideology

  • angrychicken


    16 timer siden

    @Sparks Who is swearing you to serve brown people LMAO. The whole point is that he believes that the left is trying to "brown out" the electorate. If you are this dull I cant help you.

  • Dionysus
    Dionysus18 timer siden

    “Our heritage and culture” What culture? Your only semblance of culture is the culture that made the cheese you constantly smell of!

  • dangerouslytalented
    dangerouslytalented19 timer siden

    He has always looked like an overdressed 50 year old hasn't he?

  • Lachlan Bally
    Lachlan Bally20 timer siden

    You know whats funny? He’s kinda right...“unregulated mass immigration HAS badly hurt this country’s natural landscape” ...only that mass immigration started in 1606. 🤭

  • Kerri L.
    Kerri L.20 timer siden

    Tuckwit Carlson.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas20 timer siden

    Fork facts are fun.

  • Taylor Keane
    Taylor Keane20 timer siden

    God, that jerk makes me sick. Why on earth does anyone like him??? He always looks angry and flustered. CANCEL CARSON!!!

  • ComaDave
    ComaDave20 timer siden

    If Carlson becomes POTUS, I'm gonna nail myself to whatever Mars-bound rocket is next to lift-off, because that will herald the end of human civilization.

  • Taylor Keane
    Taylor Keane20 timer siden

    How can you make a respectful comment about tucker?????

  • Funkteon
    Funkteon20 timer siden

    I wish Australia had a John Oliver to pick apart the other Murdoch propaganda machine talking heads on Sky News...

  • A Person
    A Person20 timer siden

    Tucker's ratings tell the story. You can do hatchet jobs and anti-Tucker rants like this all day, and just build up his following. So why give him extra credit like this roast?

  • Taylor Keane
    Taylor Keane20 timer siden

    Tucker Carson is a racist worm. He has a lot in common, anatomically, with a Ken doll.

  • Marianne Stluka
    Marianne Stluka20 timer siden

    I fuckin' love you! My dad got me to watch you one night last week when I was visiting and I fell in love! Fuck T.C. people like him should not be allowed to spread their racist garbage - it just stirs the pot!

  • Balaclava Bob
    Balaclava Bob21 time siden

    Did you know that Fox and Tucker get paid by you even if you never watch the channel ? #UnFoxMyCableBox

  • OldWorldOrder
    OldWorldOrder21 time siden

    lol tucker carlson fans dislike bombed the vid

  • Syd Morse
    Syd Morse21 time siden

    Funny how Mr. Oliver keeps using little snippets of Tucker Carlson, taking what he's saying out of context to put his own twist on it. John Oliver is loud and sounds as if he's hurt over having less viewers than Tucker

  • Odogg Voorhees

    Odogg Voorhees

    16 timer siden

    Tucker gets 3.4 million views a night while John Oliver gets 4.7 million.(On average)

  • RetroGamerVX
    RetroGamerVX21 time siden

    Look at his body language, Tucker is hardly even aware of what he is reading!

  • Michael Schoenecker
    Michael Schoenecker21 time siden

    So sad for America that we have so many racist morons watching Fox News which is only licensed for entertainment

  • amanda Marie
    amanda Marie21 time siden

    Please dont support a charity that supports eugenics. Listen to Autistic people, we do not want this, you are hurting our community!

  • amanda Marie

    amanda Marie

    15 timer siden

    @Odogg Voorhees There are many awesome Autism orgs. That involve Autistic people in their work, and value our lives, low or high support needs. Next for Autism and Autism speaks do the opposite, neither have Autistic members making decisions, both actively ignore what many of us say. Autism Self Advocacy Network is made by us for us, and has tons of resources to help and accommodate us.

  • amanda Marie

    amanda Marie

    15 timer siden

    @Odogg Voorhees How do you think nonverbal people feel when others, especially nuerotypicals like the ones running this "charity", tell them they shouldn't exist? Why not accommodate them instead of assuming verbal communication as some standard rather than just one Avenue out of many? Don't make an assumption that I'm verbal either, I don't see that as a disability that negates quality of life and rather one that just needs accommodations. Autism isn't an illness, it is a nuerotype. It is literal Eugenics to base somebody's life value on the way their brain functions. Even those of us with higher support needs deserve to be here. Tools and accommodations are not a "cure". Most of us are proud of being Autistic, and it usually takes a lot of work to get there. Implying we need to be cured for other people's comfort, so they don't need to accommodate us, is hurtful.

  • Odogg Voorhees

    Odogg Voorhees

    15 timer siden

    Question what about the fact that some are incapable of speech because they are so low functioning and yet there are others going around telling people that they should not try to help them. Don't get me wrong we shouldn't force it on people but it still seems fucked up to give someone a more difficult life because there are others that can talk saying how its not a big deal literally speaking for someone else? Should they be left to their disability or can they be cured.

  • Thomas Strome
    Thomas Strome22 timer siden

    Motivate those Writers to write your revenge rant.

  • Thomas Strome
    Thomas Strome22 timer siden

    Sounds like a Comedian is jealous?

  • Paul Stehlik
    Paul Stehlik22 timer siden

    Love Britney

  • Danger High Voltage
    Danger High Voltage23 timer siden

    Gotta get those sjw points. Good job covering gossip... I mean news.

  • atalanta Hay
    atalanta Hay23 timer siden

    The Birmingham reject strikes again. At least he does not spew his crap in the UK any more. Gawby

  • Jojin Kang
    Jojin Kang23 timer siden

    Tucker tells the truth and it resonates with the people. Hence the rating. This sell out shill is just desperately trying to steal Tuckers viewership with his unsubstantiated claims but there's only so much hate and bigotry people can stand.

  • Erica Rose
    Erica Rose23 timer siden

    Imagine a US president saying, “What is this? What is that? What does that mean?” Just always asking questions. Sorry to say it but that would get more annoying than Trump’s BS.

  • Joe L
    Joe L23 timer siden

    Oliver is a nerd and ugliest dude (if you can call him a dude) ever created

  • steve holliday
    steve holliday23 timer siden

    LastWeekTonight ! Personally I feel that Mr Oliver's points would be better made & received without all the swear words. love Steve Holliday

  • Djayk
    Djayk23 timer siden

    Lol bitter that his views dwarf yours. I love democracy.

  • Sheri Foley
    Sheri FoleyDag siden

    Tucker Carlson, the jackass whisperer

  • Josh H
    Josh HDag siden

    Completely irrelevant to this video but as an American who was a British citizen and supports Liverpool what do you make of the European super league that’s threatening to ruin football and is being headed up by American business men?

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason TaylorDag siden

    You’re not even funny

  • WeeWeeJumbo
    WeeWeeJumboDag siden

    Greg Gutfeld tried to be this. Imagine that

  • Pygo Pygo
    Pygo PygoDag siden

    This is a shockingly weak take down.

  • Dawson Dickenson
    Dawson DickensonDag siden

    You can see how much you hate white people

  • sanjit saha
    sanjit sahaDag siden

    Picket fences the world over take erhrm offence being compared to Tucker Carlson please refrain

  • Andrew READ
    Andrew READDag siden

    The fact that Carlson and Oliver routinely have a go at each other is good for rating for both people. Don’t you see that? Both shows are for entertainment only.

  • Arthur C.
    Arthur C.Dag siden

    Define racism. And you might see your reflection. Define all of those -isms, and you might see your reflection. This guy is everything he is calling Tucker Carlson. Oh the irony.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiouDag siden


  • Kiti Karina
    Kiti KarinaDag siden

    Tucker represents the world view of Rupert- Wealthy white people have a born right to everything and everyone else can fight for the scraps.