The World Health Organization: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


John Oliver discusses the crucial role of the World Health Organization, why Donald Trump is skeptical of it, and how his plans to withdraw the United States could have dire consequences.
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  • T Lindsay
    T LindsayDag siden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • film theory
    film theoryDag siden

    Its amazing that something can go from being that wide spread to completely gone for no reason within a couple coronacold

  • Jarid Winters
    Jarid WintersDag siden

    Too bad that he was exactly right, watch the shitshow interview in which the who representative is terrified to even say the word Taiwan because they know if they acknowledge Taiwan as a free country from China the overlords won't like it.

  • Geordan Neville
    Geordan Neville4 dager siden

    The who

  • goldmemberpb
    goldmemberpb6 dager siden

    Hearing Trump talk for those briefings makes me sound like Shakespeare. Going from Obama to him is like moving out from a mansion to a motel.

  • cheng hung
    cheng hung6 dager siden

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    John Micheal

    6 dager siden

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    Laurence Greay

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    Hurley Moore

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    Law Thomas

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  • J M
    J M8 dager siden

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  • larry west
    larry west9 dager siden

    I could not agree with you more. I have been telling people about how much of an idiot trump is since well before his dumb ass t.v show. and yet I have neighbors who claim he is a great leader and knows business better then anyone yet take zero time to look into the facts and believe anything the man says. I think the real problem is the morons in this country who voted him into office. let them not wear masks and maybe with any luck nature will do its job and get rid of the morons and those with a brain will go on in a much nicer and safer and kinder country.

  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray9 dager siden

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  • Mike Magnuson
    Mike Magnuson12 dager siden

    Can somone go to ifunny and explain this? It is a dumpster fire over there

  • teemoIRL
    teemoIRL12 dager siden

    The WHO has only repeated China's statements on the virus and it's origins tho, so to say it's not just literally true doesn't make it ok that instead of pushing the fact China isn't allowing any form of investigation into the origin of the virus isn't a good move which was Trump's complaint against the WHO. Obviously don't claim it's from a lab in China without hard evidence but don't say it definitely isn't either without an investigation. Every expert Ive heard believes it's a very likely possibility

  • Anghus Morgenholz
    Anghus Morgenholz13 dager siden

    Because donny wanted to steal that money. And his childish whim is more important than any number of human lives.

  • Anghus Morgenholz
    Anghus Morgenholz13 dager siden

    There was something terrible going on now that terrible is waiting to go to prison.

  • Anghus Morgenholz
    Anghus Morgenholz13 dager siden

    I remember my small pox vaccination it hurt and looked horrible.

  • A P
    A P14 dager siden

    China should be heavily punished for creating and spreading Corona virus. China's claim that there is lowest damage due to COVID in China, this itself proves that they were well prepared and aware about their fatal experiment s before creating & spread of the virus.😠😠😠

  • arthur king
    arthur king14 dager siden

    Biden won! We're back in the Paris meetings as well as the WHO

  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog318015 dager siden

    Only the US will set up an organization like the UN to try to legitimize it's own geopolitical actions and then get upset with that organization later on because it sometimes does good things and then start to leave it.

  • michael jordan01
    michael jordan0116 dager siden

    WHO is one of the most corrupt organizations i seen. They are definitely a puppet to China. Agree or disagree

  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks17 dager siden

    On a scale of 1 to John Oliver talking about trumps fuck ups how mad are you?

  • Lawrence Maweu
    Lawrence Maweu18 dager siden

    And because of this, we now have a vaccine from China and Russia. That just sounds weird. A vaccine from China?

  • Amanda McCallum
    Amanda McCallum18 dager siden

    Despite Trump and his B.S. the WHO did screw us to keep China happy. Most countries had legislation that the moment the WHO declared a pandemic the legislation became active and plans started. The definition of a pandemic is a virus that is endemic on more than one continent. The moment the virus started appearing in Europe the WHO should have declared it but in order to keep China happy they waited, thus world governments waited instead of acting. The WHO needs to respond to this.

  • julian galindo
    julian galindo20 dager siden

    Do have one on our gov. ability to stop news that they claim will harm national s.?

  • Nicole Mouser
    Nicole Mouser21 dag siden

    It’s nice to he here now and be like “holy crap, we dogged a bullet”

  • Andrei Orha
    Andrei Orha25 dager siden

    Not caring about Trump at all, but WHO did 'condemn' USA actions of stopping flights from China and encouraged other countries not to do so, and it praised China after China tried for months to cover and lie about the new virus, up to imprisoning doctors that tried to speak out. WHO might need diplomacy, but they also need credibility, and right now they have none for praising China. If "Nobel" for peace would give the award to Hitler posthumously, they would lose credibility, and rightfully so (the little credibility they have anyway). So no, it's not just acting late, arguably WHO helped the spreading of the disease and praised the ones responsible.

  • Andrei Orha

    Andrei Orha

    25 dager siden

    Perhaps pulling out of WHO is not the best course of action, but it's a shared fault. WHO can't just ask after all they did to just forget about it and continue on, they should have changed something. First thing, Tedros Adhanom should have been booted instantly once the virus spread outside China and retract their praising of China. Maybe WHO is not a China pawn, but Tedros Adhanom sure seems like one, and China propped him up after he messed up so badly. As long as Tedros is still in WHO, that institution has no credibility.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B25 dager siden

    I find Trump as despicable and incompetent as anyone, but that doesn't mean *everything* he says and does is wrong. As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day! He's right about the WHO, they've become a propaganda machine heavily controlled by China. When they originally announced that masks didn't help against the pandemic they were straight up lying. Yeah perhaps it was for the greater good so that there would be supplies for healthcare workers, but that doesn't make it okay. They still knowingly lied and spread misinformation that was bad for people's health in order to further an agenda, which is a dangerous line to cross regardless of the justifications. People shouldn't just forget that. As far as I'm concerned they lost all credibility then and there. As for there pupetting to China, just look at the effort they spearheaded to change the name from Wuhan Virus to Covid19. By the time it hit the West they were already initiating the change so we didn't see the stark difference. But for the first couple months it was steadily The Wuhan Virus. Ontop of that, there proclamation that it has no connection to the Wuhan Virology lab that worked on bat viruses just a couple blocks from the wet market is total whitewashing. As for the cost sharing, maybe he could have worked harder to reverse the decision to lock the funding, so that other countries would pay a fair share. But then again it's totally understandable that he just said enough is enough, given all their other corruption.

  • herman bean
    herman bean26 dager siden

    Jeopardy? More like leopardy

  • Myra Bae
    Myra Bae27 dager siden

    I agree with John Oliver 99% of the time...not this time! China is hiding something and dragged their feet to combat it

  • Adam Kaufman
    Adam Kaufman27 dager siden

    The who?

  • lorinda roberts
    lorinda roberts29 dager siden

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  • Amateur Terminator
    Amateur Terminator29 dager siden

    Are you guys on a CCP payroll? After today's Atlanta segment I'm quite certain you are. How disappointing.

  • johnny rocket
    johnny rocket29 dager siden

    John do you want to change your views of the WHO being a shill for China after the higher ups of the WHO dodged questions on Taiwan.

  • Amber Dent
    Amber Dent29 dager siden

    Honestly, even if it wasn't more nuanced than the way Trump put it, the U.S. government literally pisses more than $500 mil, and for that matter, so does China. Like fuck.

  • luna vondeling
    luna vondeling29 dager siden

    why people just can not respect the science and not taking those politicians seriously

  • Jayden Van Canne
    Jayden Van CanneMåned siden

    Oliver talking about having to stay at the table to be able to pass reform gave me strong Brexit vibes.

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  • iuzarneimaveilabal
    iuzarneimaveilabalMåned siden

    WHO Cares :))

  • Stan
    StanMåned siden

    Raegan's neoliberal policy is to save on everyone except the oligarchy.

  • Stan
    StanMåned siden

    The real cooperation between countries will start only when the means of production will pass hands to the working class. Before, every company, every country will compete with each other, play against each other to extract profit, no matter what's at stake.

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  • Yeetus
    YeetusMåned siden

    Yeah oliver is wrong on this one.

  • devalapar
    devalaparMåned siden

    This channel is very informative.

  • devalapar
    devalaparMåned siden

    How is it possible that Fox News can lie so openly without facing a consequence.

  • Arshad Khan
    Arshad KhanMåned siden

    WHO played covering up covid origin. We are seeing in new reports WHO failed and played down as china wanted but I guess crazy orange face was right...😂😂😂

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  • Jeff Astle
    Jeff AstleMåned siden

    Its sure funny how every show that decides to go hog-wild on its politics goes directly into the toilet. John Oliver's entire schtick is built on blunt-force honesty. But I can find multiple instances of intellectual dishonesty in the first 3 minutes of this. Not a good look at all.

  • Chi Gal777
    Chi Gal777Måned siden

    I so much agree and have agreed that we should "literally" stay in the WHO. What do we expect "literally" from Trump anyways....he's "literally"" screwed up our beautiful and wonderful country while campaigning on "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGA????" NO ONE HAS EVE RMADE ME "LITERALLY" SICK SUCH AS D.TRUMP!!!!

  • Carla Houston
    Carla HoustonMåned siden

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    BLADEMANDADMåned siden

    it is true thou, the WHO fuck ups brought us to where we are today..

  • Jiji Thattil
    Jiji ThattilMåned siden

    America's withdrawal from WHO is a lot like India's farm laws. Neither has legal basis or best interests of concerned in mind.

  • Beat The Great
    Beat The GreatMåned siden

    John has talked a lot about "basic orgy management" these last few years. This is getting suspicious.

  • Harshal Agrawal
    Harshal AgrawalMåned siden

    Besides the map of India depicted is wrong. Maybe something else u should check.

  • Harshal Agrawal
    Harshal AgrawalMåned siden

    Good heavens. The Who did not visit every single door to eradicate small pox in India. Give some credence to the Indian Govt. for same for taking the effort to the last home. Very biased.

  • ghawkins816
    ghawkins816Måned siden

    China lied, WHO complied, and Americans died..... Bars! He freestyled that, you can see it on his face.

  • Sanaz S
    Sanaz SMåned siden

    He mentioned WHO was very slow to declare public health emergency during polio outbreak in 2014. Did US or other countries questioned them about that & find out why ? Probably not & that's why same thing happened for Covid outbreak in 2019

  • TheRedPandaCat
    TheRedPandaCatMåned siden

    18:09 This was only 4 months ago, and there's already another 330,000+ corona deaths in the US.

  • Daisy Boafo
    Daisy BoafoMåned siden

    What can I say, Trump is a big C.

  • Enrique Cohen
    Enrique CohenMåned siden

    John Oliver is saving the world and I hope he knows it.

  • Jordan Callicott
    Jordan CallicottMåned siden

    Nobody wants the US anymore we just have no choice until you guys finally go the way of other powers in history like the Roman empire and the British empire ect

  • Franz Ferdinand
    Franz FerdinandMåned siden

    psst, the taiwan question

  • Lana G
    Lana GMåned siden

    OMG, this is March 2021 has anyone in the gov, now since Trump didn't get elected, contacted WHO and saying "nevermind on that withdrawal"

  • fabio springer
    fabio springerMåned siden

    WHO handle the beginning of the pandemics really badly. All the things they said not to do Taiwan did and they are they had the best results among countries. But guess what we can't talk about Taiwan because China will get mad. Trump is a idiot so is anyone saying WHO did nothing wrong

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex OrtizMåned siden

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  • Rooney Daniel Cash Medrano
    Rooney Daniel Cash MedranoMåned siden

    Please do not be like Trump, he drinks too much soda, be unlike him.

  • BeezWhizz
    BeezWhizzMåned siden

    "china lied, the WHO complied, and as a result, many Americans died." You lied and I died? Okay Georgie.

  • Retro CreaTbJ
    Retro CreaTbJMåned siden

    Thanks for the orgy tips John, very much needed

  • eddebrock
    eddebrockMåned siden

    WHO is nothing more than China's lapdog.

  • gaming 8179
    gaming 8179Måned siden

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  • mangana215
    mangana215Måned siden

    For a country that is completely anti regulation, they sure love to regulate and block the rest of the world

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    ching hoMåned siden

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  • Jay K. Williams
    Jay K. WilliamsMåned siden


  • Mark Knoop
    Mark KnoopMåned siden

    The only information we goth of them is how perfectly China is handeling the outbreak.

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas JonesMåned siden

    Would this show be better if the metaphors were based off of real (or even practical) examples instead of misleading ones... 🤔 They could also be funnier

  • Kaspar K
    Kaspar KMåned siden

    From Europe. WHO should be renamed CHO.

  • Irabor danis
    Irabor danisMåned siden

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  • Mr Dictionary

    Mr Dictionary

    Måned siden

    I’m trying to figure out if this is satire, an advertisement or a crazy person

  • Mr Cat
    Mr CatMåned siden

    We are only as strong as the worst prepared country when it comes to diseases - John Oliver, 2020

  • Umesh Parmar
    Umesh ParmarMåned siden

    WHO is responsible for international public health emergency of Covid19 more then the virus itself... Don't be fooled by history of WHO because then there was serious people in the organisation now its totally different 🖕

  • Bilal Malik
    Bilal MalikMåned siden

    John Oliver, two words: Lyme Disease

  • nil null
    nil nullMåned siden

    china now doesn't allow who officials from reaching the bat caves and perform victim tracing. It also only gives heavily censored data to who. You are a bit too supportive for a communist dictatorship country where millions of muslims are persecuted, Tibetans are considered a headache and second level citizens, have border disputes (of military level) with almost every country in the south, south-east Asia, south china sea, etc. All the achievements of WHO happened when china wasn't a thret to world civilization, but now it happily bows down to china. UN is a failed organisation, just like league of nations, just slightly less so.

  • Epoch Times Uncensored

    Epoch Times Uncensored

    Måned siden

    It didn’t cause by bats too Ignorant.

  • Malik The mad man
    Malik The mad manMåned siden

    1:00 She rightfully sounds so fed up.

  • ovidiu miinea
    ovidiu miineaMåned siden

    Or the American police investigating American police?

  • Needham Southerland
    Needham SoutherlandMåned siden

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  • J. Aime

    J. Aime

    Måned siden


  • Jack Lee
    Jack LeeMåned siden

    I love John and this show, but this content is actually extremely biased and not an accurate evaluation of China’s control of the WHO and its lies about the COVID spread. There is extremely strong evidence that the virus came from China while they are spreading censored propaganda that the US invented it in a lab. It’s disappointing to see John’s poor research here.

  • Snaakie


    Måned siden

    Now, share some evidence. Can't wait.

  • Sabrina Rosario
    Sabrina Rosario2 måneder siden

    I don’t get the logic. The Trump logic, that is. China has the WHO in its pockets (which they don’t) so the more logical solution is to walk away from it and, I don’t know, leave the entire big ass powerful organization to them. Just hand it over. No big deal lmao.

  • charles skidmore
    charles skidmore2 måneder siden

    USA Deaths now over 490k

  • Anuraj Sidhu
    Anuraj Sidhu2 måneder siden

    Please Make show on farmers protest in India. Please

  • Steph Gracia
    Steph Gracia2 måneder siden

    You know what good came out of the Paris Agreement, the Iran nuclear deal and the WHO covid management? Nothing. None of the signing countries of the Paris Agreement are actively implementing the terms of for carbon emissions reduction, the IRAN deal did not prevent IRAN from secretly developping their Military grade nuclear capabilities, And the WHO proved is blatant ineptitude precisely because it favored the diplomatic approach with china rather than imposing an ultimatum. The truth is that these "WORLD organisations" are now discovered to be corrupt to the bone, utterly useless and inefficient, and have less and less legitimacy. The N.W.O project is collapsing.

  • Mr Dictionary

    Mr Dictionary

    Måned siden

    Sorry that you can’t see the scope of these problems. Also your wrong about the paris agreement mate (:

  • valiantstallion
    valiantstallion2 måneder siden

    The WHO was once a great thing. Now it's upside down ass backwards corrupted.

  • Spearka
    Spearka2 måneder siden

    Me, in church looking at a pipe organ: "Is this the WHO?"

  • Ayushman Kumar

    Ayushman Kumar

    Måned siden

    Bcoz it helped the People's Republic of China in the coverup of pandemic, by disseminating CCP propaganda, like in a tweet, which said, that Chinese CDC has found no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

  • Ayushman Kumar

    Ayushman Kumar

    Måned siden


  • heyysimone
    heyysimone2 måneder siden

    Im not american. I dont see american news or tv very often (i say "news" loosely). But i hate Tucker.

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly2 måneder siden

    This, and almost all mainstream "comedy" or talk shows are meant to shape the reality of the populace en masse. Remember information is funnelled through only 5 companies. Notice how these sorts of shows started as politically-charged comedy, slowly making it another biased news show, telling you what to think. The word slowly is key, so you do not notice that gradual change. The world health organization is a sketchy organization with an obvious agenda. John Oliver and I hate to say it, is propaganda, and also has an agenda. I say this as a past fan of him, being a staunch leftist at the time, who has done extensive research of the whole plan and the origin of the problems in the US. Republicans, democrats, trump, biden... These politicians are puppets, and your freedom of choice is all but gone. I have faith in people regardless to break out of this sort of propaganda spell. I mean george washington himself was against political parties, he said it in his farewell address. It is antiquated. US politics and leaders are a distraction. The globalist bankers and billionaires are the issue. The secret societies, at least the ones trying to cause chaos and form order/control out of it, are also the problem, and that is because they are one in the same. Trump and biden do not matter. They want you divided, seeing your fellow person as the enemy. They do not want you to have free thought, therefore they spoon feed "reality" to you through comedy. The WHO is funded by people with clear ulterior motives. Look, I am not a fan of Trump nor Biden. Trump and biden are both controlled by a pretty obvious if you're looking for it international group of globalist elites and bankers. Trump knows who is behind the WHO, and it is not China. It is the same people pushing the whole great reset idea. The creator of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said that Fauci, whom we are supposed to trust, has an "agenda, which is not what we would like them to have" and "doesn't know anything about anything." If the WHO was a legitimate organization, I think that they would take mullis's words and apply them. The same person now pushing the PCR test is the same person that the creator of the test thinks has an obvious agenda. I mean, the WHO itself is funded in part by bill gates. He also funds, in part, moderna. He also is the top farmland owner in the US. Let's say you own a big pharma vaccine company and have influence in the WHO. Exaggerate the situation and push the vaccines in response, making money simply by manipulating the organizations you control to push an agenda. Oh also Forbes deleted an article, "how the WHO faked a pandemic" and deleted it when it started to get attention. It is now archived and searchable. I wish we could focus on ending the fractional reserve scam that is going on as well. I mean I get that they don't want to tell us the truth about that because our history books are compromised by monetary, power and control-centered interests. I mean, rockefeller almost singlehandedly influenced society with his money... the education system, the medical system... They are made for profit and control, to keep people stupid and complacent, believing "experts," talk show hosts, and hegelian dialectic mainstream media for their political opinions instead of looking past the curtains at the real perpetrators.

  • JefbutmynameisnotJef


    Måned siden

    Nobody’s going to read that in a NOlocal comment

  • Space marine

    Space marine

    2 måneder siden

    Nice essay. However if you are upset that most media company's are owned by a few company's then advocate for trust busting oh wait that's a leftist position and if these companies where actually leftists they would be advocating for socialism which their not or advocating for more market regulation and anti trust which they're not. And yes their are people that control politics in america the Koch brothers come to mind so if you have problems with the globalist bankers and billionaires become a democratic socialist or advocate for market control because that's how you stop globalists. Although you saying who is corrupt makes me believe that you have a libertarian point of view considering the only article that I could find on the matter comes from a libertarian magazine called Reason.

  • gloria sanders
    gloria sanders2 måneder siden

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  • brent fellers
    brent fellers2 måneder siden

    Im from feb 2021 Just wait John it gets better!

  • Tinoot Noot
    Tinoot Noot2 måneder siden

    Bill Gates is picking up the tab on WHO for USA nothing to worry about.

  • jake smith
    jake smith2 måneder siden

    The whole systems rigged and we all know the riggers for the last 8 years this country's been run by ...

  • Vlad Walhalla
    Vlad Walhalla2 måneder siden

    Why do you lie? Is clear that WHO is defending China.

  • Johnny Xanax
    Johnny Xanax2 måneder siden

    Oli...I just can't get my head around it hoe the WHO managed (1,000,000,000,000) to visit a BILLION houses over 20 months. Take on account that many villages live in remote areas with not even a dirt road. How do you keep a record of a billion households with probably 5 residents living in it. Sorry, Zazu, but I think you been infiltrated by the NWO. I'd check for incision scars around the base of your skull.

  • Omega0850


    2 måneder siden

    A billion (english) is And its probably much less houses, given the fact that most people in India probably don´t live in single households. Its still a huge number, but you don´t know how many local helpers they had.