Facial Recognition: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous.
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  • taher munther
    taher muntherTime siden

    harness the pain LOOOOOOOOOL

  • Scotty H.
    Scotty H.13 timer siden

    This is absolutely terrifying!

  • Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
    Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler19 timer siden

    Weren’t they Freddie gray riots not “protests”

  • Mike Cherry-Brown
    Mike Cherry-BrownDag siden


  • T Lindsay
    T LindsayDag siden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Mr. Raccoon
    Mr. Raccoon2 dager siden

    the fuck’s up with ur hair?

  • Xiaran
    Xiaran2 dager siden

    when facebook and google think its bad, you know its really bad @_@.

  • Caleb Di Biase
    Caleb Di Biase3 dager siden

    Ok I am gonna make a point People say "its a sacrifice to protect the community, I'm not gonna break the law so it's no problem" but 200 years ago it was illegal to be coloured, how can you trust the enforcers so much to accept their total control, we can already see how they use it in China, what if one of the western governments goes authoritarian? The future of freedom is grim

  • Leeann Gudzinowicz
    Leeann Gudzinowicz5 dager siden

    Did that AI just returned images in a search of someone who was a minor at the time?! Wtfffffff

  • mike frain
    mike frain6 dager siden

    Google and it workers make me laugh. They get all upset about it being used in the U.S....However the company cooperates with many oppressive regimes in the world with this type of software in order to make sure they keep adding to their 500 billion cash pile. The whistle blowers should have walked out long ago if they felt that using Facial Recognition software at all was a violation of human rights.

  • Jay Ceegs
    Jay Ceegs7 dager siden

    even white technology says "na they all look the same"

  • Shachar Lavi
    Shachar Lavi7 dager siden

    Bruh "White guy - no problem" is my next tattoo XDDD

  • Kortkunig
    Kortkunig7 dager siden

    Things you got to love: The British police saying “Well, we know those people that did atrocious things might be planning to do atrocious things. But we kinda fucked up and the thing still happened. Anyway great reason to be become a 1984 like dystopia.”

  • Salamantics
    Salamantics7 dager siden

    the skynet bit sounded like an onion news segment

  • Aiden Finney
    Aiden Finney7 dager siden

    20:59 that smile

  • Jane John
    Jane John8 dager siden

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  • Jane John

    Jane John

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    Jane John

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  • Mark Richard

    Mark Richard

    7 dager siden

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  • James Joseph

    James Joseph

    8 dager siden

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    Christopher Daniel

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  • Eulalia Ondricka
    Eulalia Ondricka8 dager siden

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  • foxtailedcritter
    foxtailedcritter8 dager siden

    Someone needs to firebomb Clearview buildings. 🔥 Ever since this story Australia has increased its facial recognition cameras in public and programs and scraping of information online. No one has said anything but you know breech of basic privacy.

  • Jerome Ebner
    Jerome Ebner8 dager siden

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  • How to change name?
    How to change name?8 dager siden

    1st Amendment is your reason? Then global espionage and identity theft is freedom of speech

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas8 dager siden

    Your weekly dose of propaganda brain washing

  • 황현지
    황현지8 dager siden

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    Epic Galleries9 dager siden

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    TonyZ10 dager siden

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  • 8-happiness
    8-happiness10 dager siden

    Right fish was obviously the loser fish 🤣 or maybe just not its good side.

  • alexb1886
    alexb188610 dager siden

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  • Laura is Loading
    Laura is Loading11 dager siden

    I wonder if the Clearview guy realizes that his technology would singlehandedly dox every online sex worker.

  • mario yu
    mario yu11 dager siden

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    Isidore Legrant11 dager siden

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  • Ye4rZero
    Ye4rZero12 dager siden

    I'm starting to think whoever created the Robocop dystopia was bang on

  • dashe boy
    dashe boy12 dager siden

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    CryingNight Animation13 dager siden

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    Charlotte R Latham13 dager siden

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  • Brian
    Brian13 dager siden

    "The NYPD Has Misled The Public About Its Use Of Facial Recognition Tool Clearview AI" who's not surprised

  • jelcana hohilki
    jelcana hohilki14 dager siden

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    jelcana hohilki14 dager siden

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    Ethan Bondick15 dager siden

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  • Barry Wilson
    Barry Wilson15 dager siden

    I liked the movie Deja vu very much. So FU Oliver. But I am still a fan

  • Tralfazz74
    Tralfazz7415 dager siden

    Now, you can always attribute racial problems to human bias, but what does it mean when the computers start doing it, too?

  • Unidentified Head Bump Stormtrooper
    Unidentified Head Bump Stormtrooper15 dager siden

    Ton-that clearly has about as much foresight as his AI

  • Tammara Sacha
    Tammara Sacha15 dager siden

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  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez16 dager siden

    Well, this issue at 21:10 surely has turned out contradictory in spirit when it comes to the douche bag insurrectionists and their riot.

  • Stoodmuffin Personal
    Stoodmuffin Personal16 dager siden

    Socities having that technology, and anti gay/trans laws, sounds like an ever living nightmare

  • John
    John17 dager siden

    I don't mind Cameras all around so they can track a Crime, i'm not so sure about Facial Recognition if it doesn't work Great.

  • Eddy Alonso
    Eddy Alonso17 dager siden

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    joe Doe18 dager siden

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  • ZeeTheFuture
    ZeeTheFuture19 dager siden

    The show Black Mirror is actually a documentary

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    Nitin Singh20 dager siden

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    Benjamin Gal-Or20 dager siden

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  • Connor Murray
    Connor Murray21 dag siden

    John you tell government to F off all the time u r definitely British live that guy

  • R Bell
    R Bell21 dag siden

    Since when is buzzfeed a reliable source of info?

  • SaberhagenSalem
    SaberhagenSalem21 dag siden

    Now, this was almost a year ago weirdly, but I still wonder what happened with that student, from Sri Lanka. Talk about a nightmare. "ehhmm you are wanted for something...What did you do last night!?!! Ehmmm I STUDIED?!??!? Whyyy do you ask?...." - I hope she got some major money, study loans paid for that HUGE MISTAKE. John Oliver makes me aware how scary life is. Yet I keep coming back- you way too appealing baguette of english yet american citizen! You keep reeling us in like willing fishes, flopping in your horrifying dreamscape, that is life! xox

  • Doris Fiore
    Doris Fiore22 dager siden

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  • jaspr1999
    jaspr199922 dager siden

    Last week a friend of mine, who works at a place that uses facial recognition, ran my face... And came up with Santa photos. Granted, my beard has grown out more than my profile picture, but still... Santa Claus?! Only my facial hair is white/grey, not my hair.

  • Doris Fiore
    Doris Fiore23 dager siden

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    Paulina Elinore24 dager siden

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  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire24 dager siden

    Was ‘t Woody Harrelson’s dad a hitman? Maybe he had another son who turned to beer related crimes

  • DavidVT23
    DavidVT2325 dager siden

    4:30 So, that "Senior Research Scientist" at Google? Google fired her for saying that Google was being unethical with how they use their technology...

  • ChriS Dix
    ChriS Dix25 dager siden

    global idiocracy... .. hatred by ignorance , racism, walls , the human race into stupidity, fixit instead of Brexit, selfish / idiot politicians and sheeple following them.. WAR! .(.is a deliberate.. business.)..POLLUTION , wasted kids ... ...and THIRTY TWO years of Hillsborough, with NO JUSTICE! for anyone .."civilization" what a sick joke...

  • in pain
    in pain25 dager siden

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  • S Chambers
    S Chambers25 dager siden

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  • callie hilton
    callie hilton26 dager siden

    Please change back to the old background!

  • Dustin Malama
    Dustin Malama26 dager siden

    When you want to look up an episode you saw a while back due to a conversation you had, then you realize it took place in the white void. Good god, we're in hell.

  • Zhepard
    Zhepard26 dager siden

    Whats amazing is skynet was originally made for good as a security and early warning system for the US military and then did horrible things.

  • George
    George26 dager siden

    Tbh the 4 countries he named are pretty based

  • David Hand
    David Hand27 dager siden

    Look, I know racism is real and no one is immune, I just want to say that faces with less contrast are more difficult to detect mathematically. It's not necessarily racist algorithms. They can screw it up further, if it's an AI, by training it on racist or highly incomplete data, which the programmers do not necessarily choose, either. Please don't blame all software engineers, we are just trying to figure out and deliver what our (usually idiot) client wants, and we aren't given time or support to consider every possible outcome of our code. We are positively inundated with advice and demands from all corners and we cannot apply it all. Sorry if software is failing you, but it was written by fallible human beings just like you.

  • Jellyskink
    Jellyskink27 dager siden

    Find Face is just the HunieBee from Hunie Pop... Jesus, it actually exists (((╹д╹;)))

  • I was framed For my parents crimes
    I was framed For my parents crimes27 dager siden

    C’mon John Oliver! You look like a bank teller that somehow achieved sentient reality and is going to rob yourself.I know you’ve seen George Carlin and while you may be looking to steal a shit, you probably just leave a shit. You’re not taking one necessarily but you’re definitely leaving one!

  • Dũng Đỗ
    Dũng Đỗ28 dager siden

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    Lilia Williams29 dager siden

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  • Richard Wong
    Richard Wong29 dager siden

    I swear I've seen a clip of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert calling Steve Mnuchin 'Evil John Oliver" lol that must've been the start of all the running jokes about him

  • fumes des péterds
    fumes des péterdsMåned siden

    John Oliver is so much more enjoyable without an obnoxious American audience

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan RodriguezMåned siden

    Did he not process the fact that skynet was behind the literal apocalypse?

  • Christian Ehrnsperger
    Christian EhrnspergerMåned siden

    Quick reminder: "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me". John 14:6

  • cityraildude
    cityraildudeMåned siden

    Please show this video to all the anti-maskers

  • Froward Thinker
    Froward ThinkerMåned siden

    What exactly is wrong with arresting rioters?

  • Top OfTheLine
    Top OfTheLineMåned siden

    make no mistake I think this is b*******. But in my opinion here's the problem.they already have this technology there gonna use it regardless of what any of us say or speak up about or anything. there is nothing we can do about it. they will never let us do something about it. We think we have a say but we don't

  • Top OfTheLine
    Top OfTheLineMåned siden

    ill walk around with a clown nose or a mask on , so that way they could never identify me at all now. not even with cameras

  • Zahra Abdullahi
    Zahra AbdullahiMåned siden

    Face masks. Problem solved.

  • The Postal dude
    The Postal dudeMåned siden

    This could be called "the cost of progress"

  • Kantb Tamed
    Kantb TamedMåned siden

    Police get good info all the time that can prevent crime but they don’t act on it so this is just a way to surveil the populace.

  • Caleb Perreard
    Caleb PerreardMåned siden

    as if my targeted ads weren’t already specific enough

  • Wiliam m
    Wiliam mMåned siden


  • Nitin K
    Nitin KMåned siden

    Even self drive cars do not recognize people of color

  • James Woznik
    James WoznikMåned siden

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  • Zach Morgan
    Zach MorganMåned siden

    That Womens forum chick has a pretty sexy Lady-Stache

  • Yu Justin Perez
    Yu Justin PerezMåned siden

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  • Jack Ford
    Jack FordMåned siden

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  • The Bad Russian Accent
    The Bad Russian AccentMåned siden

    i love this show very much, but the way his eyes stare into my soul make me feel empty and hopeless. is his really satan in a unassuming flesh suit? does he plan to fill us with lies and lead us into hell? questions to ponder another day perhaps!

  • Jin Shun Lin
    Jin Shun LinMåned siden

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  • Fonce
    FonceMåned siden

    The WI. DMV forced me to remove my prescription sunglasses for the facial ID photo & now I am BLIND!

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob LoblawMåned siden

    I want to look as disheveled and unclean, as much as shunning facial bleach stripper.

  • inYeet Zenm
    inYeet ZenmMåned siden

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  • Gabriel Flamerich
    Gabriel FlamerichMåned siden

    Does John Oliver know how facial recognition works?

  • Yalmira Rodriguez
    Yalmira RodriguezMåned siden

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  • Christine Amalie
    Christine AmalieMåned siden

    It’s not the same fish.