Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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  • Saraneth the Binder
    Saraneth the BinderMinutt siden

    17:48 Throwing some serious shade.

  • Doughboy V2
    Doughboy V2Minutt siden

    You know it speaks volumes to how you're perceived as a leader, when people are celebrating like it's Return of the Jedi and the Emperor was killed.

  • shibani pinto
    shibani pinto18 minutter siden

    "walking internet comment" has now become my new fave thing

  • Navroze Panthaky
    Navroze Panthaky19 minutter siden

    Combined intelligence of 70,000,000 octopusses > combined intelligence of 70,000,000 trump voters.

  • Acid House
    Acid House20 minutter siden

    petition to replace last week tonight with a show where john oliver just talks about animals he finds cool

  • Navroze Panthaky
    Navroze Panthaky28 minutter siden

    Mark my words: It's not if but when the Church of Donald (Jackass?) Trump registers for it's US tax exemption. He has 70,000,000 cultists so could very well get really rich (factually) and get out of his tax problems.

  • WhiteSpatula
    WhiteSpatula31 minutt siden

    Pops shouting “Beat that meat!” through the door, I believe, would be comparable to Trump’s supporters shouting “Count those votes”, a chant that could be figuratively un-groped and thus demoted to mere pep rally cheer. But the chant was “Count the votes!”, which is comparable to Pops shouting “Beat the meat!” ..o.O.. A father who must convince his son of masturbation in concept before the very notion of his son scratching his special itch should pause to consider: ..what, I’m not sure, but he should definitely stop and reconsider his chant. IMO^) Cheers! -Phill, Las Vegas

  • Joe Loera
    Joe Loera43 minutter siden

    At once upon a time Giuliani was a reputable AG in NY now he is a pathetic lap dog for trump and the Republicans bringing up conspiracy theories and hear say inowindows trump lost period so let's move on f ok r the good of the country

  • TheOneAndOnlyKevan
    TheOneAndOnlyKevan51 minutt siden

    I'm glad to see the guy happy for once, all the stories he's had to do since being trapped in the Ping Pong Void have seen him mad or depressed. But yeah, better times ahead, let's fucking party.

  • Ziggy Ustar
    Ziggy UstarTime siden


  • IOnceAteAPinecone
    IOnceAteAPineconeTime siden

    The answer to your Pringles questions: Tall, kinda chubby, waxed completely hairless, and nipples that look like Pringles chips, because *where do you think they come from?*

  • Ziggy Ustar
    Ziggy UstarTime siden

    Thank you Arizona, Georgia... Stacey Abrams thank You for your humanity

  • Marion Perez
    Marion PerezTime siden

    Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?

  • Alexandra Williams
    Alexandra WilliamsTime siden

    #downwithtrump😎👎🏾 #wearamasksavelives

  • Ben Brown
    Ben BrownTime siden

    This video seems to check out. Source: loser.com

  • Liz
    LizTime siden

    He’s so dangerous he’s literally his own worst enemy 🍊 🐒 🙅‍♀️

  • Ziggy Ustar
    Ziggy UstarTime siden

    Denying him a second term/ made us so happy all over the world 🇨🇦💋💋💋💋💋 wait for it... wait for it 👞 shoe dropping yeah sure Canada wants a real President for our neighbours South even if they don’t know how bad he was for them/ better times coming ⚖️. John u r the best u even look cuter since the election

  • Pitt J
    Pitt JTime siden

    Lol yall really think Trump is leaving office???

  • captain Rockatron
    captain RockatronTime siden

    HOORAY FOR BIDEN!!! He may not be perfect, but this is gonna be a LOT better!

  • Capt'Wes Starwind
    Capt'Wes StarwindTime siden

    November 18: Earliest day for a registrar to mail an absentee ballot for the general election runoff December 7: Voter registration deadline to vote in the federal runoff election December 14: Advanced in-person or early voting begins for the general election runoff for federal offices January 5, 2021: Federal runoff election day

  • The Overthinking Rock
    The Overthinking Rock2 timer siden

    Good news! Trump has just given the green light for the Biden transition! He finally gave up! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Altorin
    Altorin2 timer siden

    Haha so fucking good God bless america

  • Irresistible Concepts
    Irresistible Concepts2 timer siden

    Dark Winter : Forgotten In America nolocal.info/have/video/oIWFf6mDsKttx3w

  • Rie Vinaca
    Rie Vinaca2 timer siden

    Thank bacon there isn't going to be anymore of that guy who's the husband of the one person trump wants so badly he lives in a tower with her last name it so he can imagine he's insider her

  • Haze01Smash
    Haze01Smash2 timer siden

    I've subscribed and clicked the bell but NOlocal consistently refuses to let me know when a new video is uploaded to this channel.

  • The Digs Brigade
    The Digs Brigade2 timer siden

    Congrats, roughnecks, we did it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  • notsofast notsofaster
    notsofast notsofaster2 timer siden


  • 19:
    19:2 timer siden

    "'Get Out' garden party guest" 😂

  • Franta Ventil
    Franta Ventil2 timer siden


  • MRR D
    MRR D2 timer siden

    I counted 5 furry references in here and I'm glad John is being more open about his kinks

  • Misan Thrope
    Misan Thrope3 timer siden

    Loser from Beck would've been a good choice for a song.

  • Regina Lee
    Regina Lee3 timer siden

    1:02 Did anyone else notice the lock screen wallpaper?

  • Rueben Cross
    Rueben Cross3 timer siden

    Who else searched octopus on ecstasy? I did

  • ShuuSetsuri
    ShuuSetsuri3 timer siden

    Things that don't matter that I thought was funny. The second movie poster of BNHA on the son's door. LMAO

  • TJ Curran
    TJ Curran3 timer siden

    Sorry John, your funny, and I watch you a lot, but you're the last person I want to hear talk about election results for a Republican Party. Very one sided.

  • Game Hero
    Game Hero3 timer siden

    "Lieutenant-governor Stone Cold" XD

  • bonsaitree15
    bonsaitree153 timer siden

    literally just clicked on this video and a second later, got the headline notification “Trump administration officially authorizes Biden transition”

  • Bo Yang
    Bo Yang3 timer siden

    This is why I fucking love NYC ❤️

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper3 timer siden

    I guess he finally got sick of winning I apologize if this has been posted before.

  • 3leven 4our
    3leven 4our3 timer siden

    That judge in the conference call sounded so done with his shit.

  • Surgé Land
    Surgé Land3 timer siden

    I mean, it's a small victory. Biden is just going to be more of the status quo, instead of the complete fire from Trump. And it might be hard to understand if you're white, but, the status quo is a turd.

  • Surgé Land

    Surgé Land

    2 timer siden

    @x CEGold Well, I guess not "all". But those of us who understand the situation.

  • x CEGold

    x CEGold

    2 timer siden

    @Surgé Land Unfortunately, no

  • Surgé Land

    Surgé Land

    2 timer siden

    @x CEGold Aren't we all?

  • x CEGold

    x CEGold

    3 timer siden

    "I'm not celebrating Biden's victory. I'm celebrating Trump's defeat."

  • Ryan Alexander Music
    Ryan Alexander Music4 timer siden


  • Will M
    Will M4 timer siden

    With all this talk of fraud coming from the trump administration I have to wonder, when/how many false claims need to be thrown out of court until tampering with the election is turned on them? It feels like with all that's a happening, if everything the trump team is doing and saying are wrong should they not be held accountable? I feel sorry for the American voters having to constantly decide between who they would rather have fucking them over. But I guess you can say that about any "democratic" society.

  • Gianna Leng
    Gianna Leng4 timer siden

    Donald Trump is over here trying to change the rules of the game as were playing. Dude is like a five year old trying to cheat in tic tac toe.bruh.

  • MassEffect Gamer
    MassEffect Gamer4 timer siden

    Has no one but me noticed the My hero academia poster on the teen boys room at 8:32?

  • 8
    84 timer siden

    uuuuhhhhhh did everyone forget the coronavirus 1:53

  • Russ Lemarr
    Russ Lemarr4 timer siden

    It's only a 2 party system. Infuriating, and unfortunate.

  • JNCL Bulgogi
    JNCL Bulgogi4 timer siden

    Sorry... What did John say about fucking an octopus now..?

  • Lucie Vaillancourt
    Lucie Vaillancourt4 timer siden

    Guess we can finally get rid of that "This is not normal" post-it on our fridges.

  • Morgan Dumkee

    Morgan Dumkee

    2 timer siden

    That's the most horrifying thing I've read all day. This is just normal now

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln4 timer siden

    7:30 is my favorite part.

  • Renato Corvaro
    Renato Corvaro4 timer siden

    When even Fox "News" calls out the President's bullshit.

  • McLovin
    McLovin4 timer siden

    Did anyone call that fraud hotline number? It's disconnected for some reason. 🙄

  • Mibutastic
    Mibutastic4 timer siden

    23:49 I couldn't stop thinking about oreos and like oreos, it's about time America scrapped out that unhealthy white substance in the middle into the bin and enjoy the chocolately cookies instead.

  • A New Hero121
    A New Hero1214 timer siden

    Don’t let the Republicans forget that they fell in line behind Trump over the last 5 years or so, they’ll try to say he wasn’t that bad or distance themselves from him, but you’ve gotta keep Trump’s terribleness stuck to them - make them irrelevant by holding Trump over their heads, they have to reap what they’ve sown

  • Günstig Vogel
    Günstig Vogel4 timer siden

    Because we would never want to say "African Indian President" or "Indian African President" 🙄 or even well-meaning liberals risk feeling that Old World xenophobia inherited in their blood re-ignite!

  • Colyo
    Colyo4 timer siden

    i hate how this is the one john oliver episode where i already knew everything he said

  • jaykillxreaperofdeath 696
    jaykillxreaperofdeath 6964 timer siden

    John please be careful calling 70 million people bigots and racists even if some are may not be a a good move for unification and your own safety

  • MrJaydawg1231
    MrJaydawg12315 timer siden

    My hero poster, Thanks john very gamer

  • Mii Meee
    Mii Meee5 timer siden

    Did Don lemon say he "resembled" that remark? holy carp dude, the word is "RESENT" Ahh America :) Where the dumbest people in the world act smart

  • Marco Polo

    Marco Polo

    Time siden

    It was definitely a joke, sweet pea!

  • Snacks256


    4 timer siden

    It's a joke. wordhistories.net/2020/07/03/resemble-that-remark/

  • Gold Fishyman
    Gold Fishyman6 timer siden

    Whoops nolocal.info/have/video/qKh5qauYyqOFuGc Your own video. You guys flip flop so much. You lose voter fraud happens, you win there's no way it can happen.

  • Alexei Tetenov
    Alexei Tetenov6 timer siden

    Keep Pressing!!!

  • A. H.
    A. H.7 timer siden

    Frankly, Trumpists awkwardly yelling “Beat That Meat! Beat That Meat!” Would have sped things up.

  • Richard Dorion
    Richard Dorion8 timer siden

    Oh that's right you idiots want big bank to starve, right

  • RamZ
    RamZ13 timer siden

    That was one of John Oliver's all time best shows. Believe it!

  • AwesomeCoolContent
    AwesomeCoolContent14 timer siden

    Anyone notice that the presenter is Duncan from Community?

  • John Gregory
    John Gregory17 timer siden

    Mask up for the next four years.

  • Abdirahman M
    Abdirahman M20 timer siden

    This dude is fucking hillarious

  • Delbert Schmockeldunner.
    Delbert Schmockeldunner.21 time siden

    Trumpty dumpty had a great fall.

  • sdlausen
    sdlausen22 timer siden

    *Funny how one year ago John, you yourself said how unsafe our election process is.* How easily it is to commit fraud in America through our outdated and poorly voting machines. Now that your candidate wins, NOTHING TO SEE. Orange man bad and crazy, right? Liberal hypocrisy is astounding.

  • Mme. Veronica

    Mme. Veronica

    4 timer siden

    @sdlausen The electoral weaknesses mentioned in that video have nothing to do with mail in ballots, which take the most time to process, and which republicans said "not to count" fraud with mail in ballots is incredibly difficult but anyone can hack an election day ballot machine

  • Snacks256


    7 timer siden

    @sdlausen Oh my God. "ACVB" stands for "absent count voting board," _it's not a place where people actually live._ Did you not notice that it wasn't described as a precinct and all of them are listed together?

  • sdlausen


    11 timer siden

    @Stephen2462 Here. I'll help you with one odd case. A simple google search for Wayne county Michigan shows 0 registered voters despite people voting. HOW CAN THAT BE? So, no people registered to vote in Wayne county yet 139k people voted in that county 100% for Biden. NOTHING odd going on there, right? Go check Precinct by Precinct Reports: Voting Stats. Look at page 93-104. NOTHING ODD ABOUT THAT RIGHT? I searched for this and in 5 minutes did more journalism than the garbage main stream media you slurp up actually does. There are many, many more cases like this. www.waynecounty.com/elected/clerk/election-results.aspx

  • sdlausen


    12 timer siden

    @Stephen2462 So... Democrats cheating is somehow republicans fault for not doing anything about it? Brilliant logic. This just proves how utterly stupid liberals are. Hey look, lets cheat! It's acceptable if republicans don't catch us! At least you acknowledge Democrats pretty much cheat in every election. Every time it does happen, its 99% Democrats. Actually, liberals are looking the other way. I can send you multiple cases and anomalies and voter fraud cases around the country as we speak. Let me know if you want them or you could just search yourself. Also and as always, Trump is throwing you a bone by saying voter fraud. MSM and people like you are screeching that there is no evidence. He's doing it on purpose. While you're salivating at the notion there is no evidence to prove fraud, Trump's lawsuits are about illegal ballots which can easily be fought in court. Also, he's tying up the courts on purpose with multiple lawsuits and delaying evidence -- most lawsuits are being done by other GOP member and not his team. This way, they get thrown out so they can be challenged in the supreme court. Trump's team knows they won't win any cases with Obama appointed anti-constitutional judges like Matthew Brann. And... it's clear you're just regurgitating typical liberal propaganda. It's clear you're in a bubble.

  • Stephen2462


    12 timer siden

    @sdlausen He was just saying that because he was salty over losing the popular vote. Republicans refused to actually do anything to safeguard the voting machines and such; they merely use it as an excuse to engage in voter suppression. We're not looking the other way; there simply isn't any evidence to support Trump's claims, as per usual. "Never any voter fraud"? You're blatantly exaggerating. There usually is voter fraud; but it's always a negligible amount caused by a handful of random idiots, and they get caught. His claims of widespread voter fraud and the election being stolen are clearly bullshit. There's nothing hypocritical about wanting evidence when a pathological liar makes wild claims. And yet you're regurgitating conservative propaganda.

  • K A
    K ADag siden

    The only fraud in this election is Donald J Trump.

  • donald pizzo
    donald pizzoDag siden

    Ya feel stupid now dont ya!

  • donald pizzo

    donald pizzo

    5 timer siden

    @b lib must be the mvp of libtards

  • b lib

    b lib

    8 timer siden


  • donald pizzo
    donald pizzoDag siden

    Guess what Trump isn't going anywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • helena_lang


    20 timer siden

    Except out of the White House! Because he lost the election and is no longer president!

  • donald pizzo
    donald pizzoDag siden

    You had to be dumb AF to vote for Biden.Wonder how long it will take democrats to realize the same voting software bumped Berney Sanders for Hillary and Yang for Biden when it was overly obvious the dem voters wanted different reps but the dems don't care about their supporters either!

  • CSquared 84

    CSquared 84

    10 timer siden

    @Stephen2462 Yeah, pretty much

  • Stephen2462


    11 timer siden

    How is voting for the more competent candidate supposed to make someone "dumb AF"? Aaand now you're just repeating conspiracy nonsense. Typical

  • garry12777
    garry12777Dag siden

    Oh please! Biden chose Harris for the black vote. He would've chosen Obama if he could have.

  • Slukas S
    Slukas SDag siden

    Propaganda in real time.

  • gerhard scherz
    gerhard scherzDag siden

    So what is now the Official "Errection Result"? :-) It should be be up by now ;-)

  • mydogsioux
    mydogsiouxDag siden

    It's legitimately satisfying to know that Trump is wallowing in "old man yelling at the clouds" fury. I despise everything he stands for.

  • Sophia Astatine
    Sophia AstatineDag siden

    Teddy Roosevelt will be president. He will come back and box every dirty Republican and Democrat to hell, shoot all the lobbyists and birth the United States that the constitution calls for, and not the oligarchy it has become. From the ashes of 2020, a new bullmoose US will rise. Sleepy Joe and Lumpy Trumpy will burn for their crimes against the existence.

  • Terry .W
    Terry .WDag siden

    This going to the Supreme Court. Trump wins

  • Tyler Stewart
    Tyler StewartDag siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/gqlhZLKpq5mJrms Check this out guys...it should concern all of us. Trump did something fishy...

  • Rickard Boberg
    Rickard BobergDag siden

    Trumps lies ain’t only concerning American lives. He literally fucks the entire world, and he refuses to be accountable for any of it.

  • Omran Mcmillan
    Omran McmillanDag siden

    The end of this video is absolutely hilarious, no more fucking Jared.... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Markus Aquarius
    Markus AquariusDag siden

    I bet you're feeling very shtty right now

  • Gavin


    7 timer siden

    @Markus Aquarius they don’t make predictions, they just publish the vote counts

  • Stephen2462


    11 timer siden

    @Markus Aquarius You're right; the news is just reporting the result at this point, and the result is that Biden won. You'd have to be a total dumbass to think that Trump still has a chance at this point.

  • Markus Aquarius

    Markus Aquarius

    12 timer siden

    @Gavin Its not over yet. The news does not call elections, they just make predictions. And counting is still going. No one has Legally been elected yet. Might want to check your source.

  • Gavin


    Dag siden

    Why? Biden won

  • Dave Roche
    Dave RocheDag siden

    Fun fact: according to my "Civil War Book of Facts" (John Hinde Curteich, distributed by Americana Souvenirs & Gifts, Gettysburg - purchased several years ago) - Grover Cleveland [D] (POTUS 22 & 24 fyi) "paid a substitute to take his place in the army when (he) was drafted in 1864". Wow - imagine a President who was a bit of a weasel prior to taking Office! Well - at least he actually PAID!

  • The G.O.
    The G.O.Dag siden

    "A reverse 9/11"... 😁😂🤣😆😁😂🤣

  • Aaron Akin
    Aaron AkinDag siden

    Oh nice, so he openly tells his supporters to help block an investigations

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack WilsonDag siden

    Not even remotely the point, but isn’t the plural for octopus octopi? I could be wrong, octopuses just sounds weird to me.

  • Jason Arthurs

    Jason Arthurs

    Time siden

    Octopuses is correct. Octopus is derived from Greek language. Using the 'i' suffix to pluralize the a noun (think cactus to cacti) is found in Latin, not Greek. To say octopi would use Greek words, but with Latin grammar

  • Javeec
    JaveecDag siden

    Can someone explain to me why in the US they ask people to text something to a number ????

  • Zombie Guy
    Zombie GuyDag siden

    This just makes me happy

  • Joe Sterling
    Joe SterlingDag siden

    You speak a lot about baseless claims, and make skillful fun of them. I thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks! But then after your hilarious octopus interlude, you turned around and spouted serious baseless claims of your own. If you're going to call President Trump a white supremacist, you need to be ready to back that up with more than just your word, or the word of someone else you heard claim it. (Hearsay, right? I know you know what that is, from this very video.) He's not "Klaus" or frankly any more racist than any white president in the past. He's brash, throws temper tantrums, and generally makes an ass of himself. But I have yet to see any convincing evidence that he's akin to a certain genocidal megalomaniac. Back it up, or shut up.

  • George Bryant
    George BryantDag siden

    Charisma? WTF is that chick smoking?

  • SJ R
    SJ RDag siden

    Biden has made millions for himself and his son, brother, from serving in the Government, it's going to be interesting to see if Oliver will use the hammer on Biden- I"m betting he won't

  • SJ R
    SJ RDag siden

    Whatever happened to the scumbag Kevin Spacey? house of cards, Kevin Spacey *Francis Joseph Underwood it was a fun watch. I was sick to learn that Spacey was such a pervert, as I love his acting I'm sick I voted for Trump the first time, I had hope but hope failed after a year.

  • Brian Gallentine
    Brian GallentineDag siden

    One day, in the not too distant future we will NOT have to the voice of Hair Dumpster Fuhrer again. Joy.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    Dag siden

    president. That’s disgusting as well.

  • sirhath24
    sirhath24Dag siden

    Such a garbage show

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    Dag siden

    The post-campaign chaos and its possible resolution were foreseen in the following book:

  • bob saget
    bob sagetDag siden

    honestly, if a ballot is late...what's the big deal?

  • bob saget
    bob sagetDag siden

    14% of ~150 million votes? yea...thats a lot of votes

  • Siobhan Clark
    Siobhan ClarkDag siden

    I actually danced waste up only in rememberance of drumpfs famous dancing 🤭💯😁

  • Siobhan Clark
    Siobhan ClarkDag siden

    I was sent no less than 20 emails and text messages asking me to sign a letter saying I witnessed election ballot fraud. I didn't even vote and how TF did they get my email and cellphone number when I DON'T VOTE!!!!

  • James Baker

    James Baker

    3 timer siden

    Vote next time:)

  • D Mercury
    D Mercury2 dager siden

    Love ya John....we did it! 🎉🍕🍺🎉