Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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  • GameNikHD
    GameNikHD12 timer siden

    Im 22 and just got my first vaccination here in Germany. Totally grateful and hopefully to the end of this year things will die down a bit :) Stay safe everyone!

  • shrews bury
    shrews buryDag siden

    The best thing about conspiracies is they let you know very quickly who you should cut out of your life and shun. Oh and yay for remembering Rush is being turned to worm shit as we speak.

  • T Lindsay
    T LindsayDag siden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Me To The Moon
    Me To The MoonDag siden

    This pandemic is a pretext the elite are using to bring down the economy, take control of small businesses, digitize currency and create a surveillance system through facial recognition without your consent. The solutions against covid are simple (of course at doses to be respected): Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Quercitin, vitamins C Z3 K2 and D, Zinc, Povidone Iodine (?), N-acetylcysteine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Fluvoxamine, Ciclosporine, Doxycycline , Clofoctol, Artemisia Annua, French mugwort, Herbe à pic (virapic), Lavender. Solutions not chosen by the WHO and the government because they will not bring money to the Pharmaceutical Lobby quite simply. That's why they want to inject us with their poisons.

  • Me To The Moon
    Me To The MoonDag siden

    "conspiracy theorist" concept created by CIA in 1967 warren report to discredit truth seekers ...... Conspiracy. It is the word that annoys, that delegitimizes, that kills. Finally, who wants to kill ... Conspiracy is the word of the elites, the word of the right-thinking, the supreme weapon of political correctness when it is attacked, contested, deconstructed. The word that forbids any iconoclastic analysis, which looks at what is behind the curtain of the dominant discourse.

  • Michael Patton
    Michael PattonDag siden

    Trump having deeply tragic children and not taking responsibility for them hahaha Hunter Biden has entered the chat

  • Michael Patton
    Michael PattonDag siden

    Politifact is a biased organization, using them as the "experts" is misleading

  • lupus et matrem
    lupus et matremDag siden

    It's also very important to note, .gov .org etc, they mean nothing. Anyone can buy them to use for anything. I could buy a .gov and put it on a porn site. It's a domain name, not a category.

  • jaroblue
    jaroblue2 dager siden

    When you GF is convinced these conspiracies are the truth yet cannot provide proof because ''the govmt censors the truth'' and see herself as ''woke'' and the rest of the world as sheeps. I've tried to not say anything and accept that we`re all different but clearly this shit is too much for the rational person that I am. 😢

  • Susanne
    Susanne3 dager siden

    conspiracy theorists man.. so damaging. hurt people hurt people

  • luke shaw701
    luke shaw7013 dager siden

    Really good now i finally beat the genital herpes after using herbal meds prepared by Dr.ademiso on youtube

  • Ian Sikes
    Ian Sikes3 dager siden

    I am not a skeptic and I have had people who were perfectly healthy die from covid unfortunately but as someone who works 7 days a week, two job and everyday since 2018, the only precaution I have ever taken is wear a mask and wash my hands after using the bathroom I am perfectly healthy. Havent even been sick since a kid. Havent had a cavity and dont take care of my teeth nor do I take vitamins or eat healthy. I am the definition of someone who doesnt care about themselves. I just work and go home. Not saying covid isnt real just saying it doesnt effect everyone like you think. If you just take basic precautions youll be okay.

  • nick trian
    nick trian3 dager siden

    is this guy supposed to be funny?

  • A E
    A E3 dager siden

    This video didn’t age well. Plandemic was right lmao

  • 08mlascelles


    Dag siden

    What are you talking about?! Over 3 million people have died globally due to the virus (that number will probably grow once we know the true impact on the developing world). What is it going to take to convince people like you that Covid is dangerous?! More deaths?! 1 person I knew died from covid, 2 more were hospitalised and took weeks to recover, and they're still feeling the long term effects.

  • ndisfoshiz
    ndisfoshiz4 dager siden

    I watched this today and when rush Limbaugh came up I was like “haha he’s dead now!”

  • Tom Ege
    Tom Ege4 dager siden

    Well done -Spot on. Here is also a humorous look at conspiracy theories;

  • EaglePryde
    EaglePryde4 dager siden

    How can humans be so tupid to believe such conspiracy theories. If you know just the basics of medicine, technology, astrology or whatever, you would know that all those theories are a load of BS and John is absolutly right. Those people lack a basic education as it seems or the education system in America in many parts has to be loads worse than at the North Pole.🙈 Even that 5G should spread viruses or even been dangerous is pure insanity if you know the underlying physics or know how viruses work.

  • Luca Ferrieri
    Luca Ferrieri4 dager siden

    "I blew the whistle after I lied and falsified Data. You must believe me because obviously I'm an upstanding scientist." - plandemic lady

  • Tim Parziale
    Tim Parziale4 dager siden

    It was never isolated so they are just fabricating a pandemic. People getting sick and dying is nothing new. Wake up idiots. Also masks don't do anything. Viruses are microscopic. They go right through any mask.

  • OzKiltman
    OzKiltman5 dager siden

    13:33 another thing you should take serious: F*****G GRAMMAR!!

  • Ross Vegas
    Ross Vegas5 dager siden

    Nah, you right about princess diana. Too much shit don’t add up, somethings fishy about all that mess

  • Evan Tipace
    Evan Tipace5 dager siden

    For a self professed coward, I have always wondered how J the Oliver can get away bashing his employers. Lol

  • cheng hung
    cheng hung6 dager siden

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    Snow Getpaid

    6 dager siden

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  • John Micheal

    John Micheal

    6 dager siden

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  • Laurence Greay

    Laurence Greay

    6 dager siden

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  • Hurley Moore

    Hurley Moore

    6 dager siden

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  • Law Thomas

    Law Thomas

    6 dager siden

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  • Rettegi Lorand
    Rettegi Lorand6 dager siden

    Dont question everything Gov't wants your good We reached utopia bc u can be lazy most of the time and eat bullshit Religion is not real It is all for the betterment of the world and future. Never question the intentions If u believe any conspiracy despite making sense or bring proved, u are schizophrenic Science is our God and u will only agree with science we say is right. You will not do ur research!! You will love the New World Order! Dont think, just consoom

  • antiqueroadshow Holla
    antiqueroadshow Holla7 dager siden

    Don't worry everyone! Now that there's a vaccine, everyone that takes it will be 100% immune and will no longer need to social distance or wear a mask! And if for some reason you happen to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, then the manufacturer will take full responsibility and help you with any medical costs!!! Thank god for big pharma!!!

  • antiqueroadshow Holla

    antiqueroadshow Holla

    6 dager siden

    @Philippe Gun Hell yeah! Look up Pfizer criminal history. They are SO trustworthy!!

  • Philippe Gun

    Philippe Gun

    6 dager siden

    Not 100% immune, its only almost 100 of u have the 2 dosages of the Pfizer or moderna vaccines, other vaccines r like 50%

  • Alex Maclean
    Alex Maclean7 dager siden

    "to do bad research and spread there results..." Yes john it is Easy for people to do bad research and spread there results, much like your increasingly sloppily researched shows

  • TS
    TS7 dager siden

    "conspiracy" reference correct in FACTUAL Davos based viral anti-trust law violations, crimes against humanity..

  • Christopher Daniel
    Christopher Daniel8 dager siden

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  • Christopher Daniel

    Christopher Daniel

    7 dager siden


  • Christopher Daniel

    Christopher Daniel

    7 dager siden

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  • Mark Richard

    Mark Richard

    7 dager siden

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  • Jane John

    Jane John

    8 dager siden

    @James Joseph yeah thats true,You can only appreciate a person who tries to teach everyone how to invest and make profit on multiple ways.

  • James Joseph

    James Joseph

    8 dager siden

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  • G2
    G28 dager siden

    Lmao and Trump made ridiculous election fraud claims in the 2020 election too

  • pekojounin
    pekojounin8 dager siden

    A good idea is to let people speak their minds and then ask them to develope their conpiracies. Sooner or later they end up feeling silly. But never point it out. Let them realise themselves.

  • pekojounin
    pekojounin8 dager siden

    Don't blame on intelligence what you can blame on incompetence.

  • K SA
    K SA8 dager siden

    What an A hole in the his guy is.

  • G2


    8 dager siden

    Why is that?

  • Connor Eyer
    Connor Eyer8 dager siden

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  • KamikazeYazzie
    KamikazeYazzie8 dager siden

    Why does this video look like it was filmed in the 1950's.

  • Stro Sinatra
    Stro Sinatra8 dager siden


  • soviet union

    soviet union

    5 dager siden

    @G2 yep

  • Philippe Gun

    Philippe Gun

    6 dager siden


  • G2


    8 dager siden


  • Kirsty Pickering
    Kirsty Pickering8 dager siden

    If you’re reading this, do yourself a favour and don’t go down there 👇 It’s a right shitshow of lunacy

  • Mr Dictionary

    Mr Dictionary

    3 dager siden

    Im sorry i must go deeper...

  • kenny car
    kenny car9 dager siden

    The most dangerous disease these days isn't the coronavirus, its the incredible lack of basic intelligence and common sense.

  • abdur razzaq
    abdur razzaq9 dager siden

    Where's the " FLAT FUCK FRIDAY " bit? And how did I miss(ed) it?

  • greaterbaatezu
    greaterbaatezu9 dager siden

    If you ever watched Game of Thrones character named little finger uses a really great line. He quoted saying sometimes I play a little game. I watch what someone is doing and wonder what the worst possible reason they could possibly have for doing that thing. 7 times out of 10 that Revelation turns out to be correct. This is why conspiracy theories are able to get around like they do

  • greaterbaatezu


    9 dager siden

    Voice to text sucks

  • Manie Gurbrough
    Manie Gurbrough9 dager siden

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  • Thang Ban
    Thang Ban9 dager siden

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  • Pappa L
    Pappa L9 dager siden

    Everyone: *talks* John Cena: *strips*

  • Jan Murray
    Jan Murray9 dager siden

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    jason gay10 dager siden

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    Smith James10 dager siden

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    bhjk gyhj10 dager siden

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    Vault Spply10 dager siden

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  • CovidiotocracY
    CovidiotocracY10 dager siden

    So, going on a solid year now and and nobody knows of anybody anywhere that "died of covid" that was not already for sure terminally ill... yourself included. Nobody can name even one celebrity/famous person that died of covid either. None of the homeless (on multiple continents) are being affected by it, even with their lack of hygiene and non existent PPE. So please, tell us more about how covid 19 is not a baseless conspiracy theory? It's OK to admit you got duped... happens to the best of us~!

  • CovidiotocracY


    6 dager siden

    @Conor D Conor, I actually do homeless outreach here in the SF Bay Area/Oakland (where we have >20k homeless) and am in touch with others in major US cities who do the same. We see the same homeless people all over the place and talk to them all of the time and NONE of them are being affected by covid. So please, tell us more about how the homeless are being affected big time because that's simply not true whatsoever. Also, YOU do not know of a single healthy person ANYWHERE that "died of covid" that was not already for sure terminally ill. You can not trust Wikepedia by the way, but go ahead and believe whatever keeps you terrified enough to continue following orders like the obedient follower that you are!

  • Mercerr Cutright

    Mercerr Cutright

    6 dager siden

    My teachers husband and aunt died from covid

  • Philippe Gun

    Philippe Gun

    6 dager siden

    One of my teachers died bro. A lot of NBA players got covid and celebrities like Tom Hanks, Elen DeGeneres, Trump, The Rock...

  • Conor D

    Conor D

    7 dager siden Also homeless are affected big time it's just really hard to count them If you have other questions just ask away

  • Ford Prefect
    Ford Prefect11 dager siden

    They don't sit in our lobby. Lmfao

  • Moxie Lofton
    Moxie Lofton11 dager siden

    i blame america for, as always, making the world worse Edit: at the very least the royal family WILLED for princess di to, well, die

  • Castillo Blackburn
    Castillo Blackburn11 dager siden

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  • Betsy Burton
    Betsy Burton11 dager siden

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  • BRAV0echoN0VA
    BRAV0echoN0VA11 dager siden

    Usually when I learn about a conspiracy theory, my reaction is something like “Wow, I can’t believe that there are people who are so paranoid they believe this” But the “5G network transmits COVID-19” conspiracy theory.... I was momentarily just completely stunned. When I recovered my reaction was “Seriously? There are people who believe this? How can people be that stupid?” I know some people are ‘intellectually challenged’, but it’s a real shock that there are enough people who believe this that it has come to mainstream attention. The level of complete and utter stupidity needed for someone to think a biological virus can be spread to people via radio transmission is utterly baffling. How have these people managed to simply survive for this long? Something as simple as drinking some water becomes a life-threatening situation when “drink water/breath air” is a difficult concept to grasp, and accidental drowning on a glass of water is a real possibility....

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith11 dager siden

    Proof masks don’t kill you: doctors and graffiti artists have been wearing masks for years

  • Savannah Schnier
    Savannah Schnier12 dager siden

    I’ve learned that with something like covid, it’s better to assume it’s worse than it is in order to maintain safety. When people act like it’s not deadly, or dangerous, that’s when it spreads like crazy. You won’t believe how many times I’ve had to tell my family that, even though they know the area and the people, you don’t know what they do all day or who they’re around. It’s scary how much people underestimate this pandemic.

  • Claudia Meisters
    Claudia Meisters12 dager siden

    The most important thing is to be sure they know that famous people, regardless of what they believe the person believes. That when it’s important, they will urge others to think critically about what they do with themselves.

  • Noah Barnett
    Noah Barnett12 dager siden

    what about bill gates trying to microchip me

  • Space Fish Aviation
    Space Fish Aviation12 dager siden

    Thought he was tricking us :/ but dude cena and olliver are born on the exact same DAY!!!!

  • Pooh Pasinski
    Pooh Pasinski12 dager siden

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  • shjfk svhke
    shjfk svhke12 dager siden

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  • babathetrucka
    babathetrucka12 dager siden

    I feel like its Disney they're taking over everything! 🤣

  • Dawn Melody
    Dawn Melody13 dager siden

    I thought it was general knowledge that the royal family had Princess Diana killed. Is that really a conspiracy? I can't believe some people doubt it, isn't it really obvious?

  • Nina Sgarg
    Nina Sgarg13 dager siden

    Does he mention the Bill Gates one here?

  • Fred Jamison
    Fred Jamison13 dager siden

    Made in a Lab. We are the rats in this one, but the final play will be by the man upstairs.

  • Fred Jamison

    Fred Jamison

    11 dager siden

    @Brandon Robinson Now they say bats can get it and a person got it who has been vaccinated. Never trust the govt. they gave Syphillus to Blacks in the army in the 50's. One reason the Black population is a little not sure of taking the vaccine. I wonder why?

  • Brandon Robinson

    Brandon Robinson

    11 dager siden

    Made in a lab, accidentally released by well-documented lack of safety standards before China had finished rounding up the Uighurs in sufficient numbers to separate enough "re-educated" children from their parents and wipe out the concentration camps due to an "unfortunate naturally occurring virus" so they wouldn't get hit with (HAH!) human right's violations. Also, the timing of the COVID pandemic also happened to occur when the atrocities in Hong Kong were *finally* starting to actually make headline nightly news after months of being ignored by every conservative, liberal, and moderate news outlet. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the first (willing) victim was a scientist with Uighur family and family in Hong Kong who decided to sink the ship just to kill the Captain, and went strolling through Wuhan after having symptoms to spread it purposely, thinking the world would blame China and look into its' atrocious human rights violations. Sadly, that person didn't factor in Trump's ego & reliance on Chinese sweatshops for his flags, signs, shirts, hats, printing presses, etc. for the election.

  • kerico mackey
    kerico mackey13 dager siden

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  • louis leycuras
    louis leycuras13 dager siden

    I've heard a lot about the flat earth theory around the globe

  • gothnate
    gothnate13 dager siden

    See, the issue when you tell people to check out reputable sources, they look at Newsmax and InfoWars, to name a couple. I know people that look at Newsmax because, and I'm not lying here, "Fox is too far left for me." I didn't believe someone could ever think that Fox is left, but apparently, there's a few posts about that very thing on the Tucker Carlson subreddit. Here's an actual quote from one of the commenters: "I'm so angry at Faux News calling Arizona for Biden and refusing to call numerous states for Trump!! If you look up Kathryn Murdoch on Twitter, she's the owner's wife and a total liberal!! She celebrated when China Joe "won"." Yeah. They just called Rupert Murdoch's wife a liberal... Anytime I hear someone throw out a conspiracy theory about Covid or election results, even if it's a family member, it gives me Forest Whitaker Eye.

  • J. B.
    J. B.13 dager siden

    Why are we talking about Covid and ignoring that Stevie Wonder STILL lies about being blind? 🤔

  • Mariann Kandi
    Mariann Kandi13 dager siden

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  • Funky Dong
    Funky Dong13 dager siden

    I wanna fund a campaign to bring all the flat earthers and moon landing was fake to the moon

  • Name Here
    Name Here14 dager siden

    I would argue the JFK conspiracy isn't the same as many others. The CIA has a long history of having people they don't like executed. And we know for a fact because of declassified documents the CIA wanted JFK out of office and didn't like him. Not that out of character for them to do something about it.

  • Scilla
    Scilla14 dager siden

    Sent this to my mom who just shamed me for getting the covid vaccine. You're the best John Oliver 🙏

  • Scilla


    6 dager siden

    @Philippe Gun right!? Lol

  • Philippe Gun

    Philippe Gun

    6 dager siden

    Show her the john cena clip haha

  • Pure Servers
    Pure Servers14 dager siden

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  • Denmark Millikan
    Denmark Millikan14 dager siden

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  • Melanie Smith Kushner
    Melanie Smith Kushner14 dager siden

    I dont like females

  • Steve
    Steve14 dager siden

    He hadn't had a hair cut in a while.

  • Nunu Dood
    Nunu Dood14 dager siden

    5:12 #1 biggest blunder in American history

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson14 dager siden

    Do not talk shit on my Wisconsin 6 cheese.

  • Celia Ferreira
    Celia Ferreira15 dager siden

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  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog318015 dager siden

    That response he had to the criticism of his film just screams republican lol, America obviously does not march to the slogan of "believe all women" if it did neither Joe Biden nor Trump would have become presidents.

  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog318015 dager siden

    Holy shit what "healing microbes in the ocean" what the fuck are you going to try to drink fucking salt water? You know that could kill someone.

  • Con Kir
    Con Kir15 dager siden

    Pity. One day you all will see. Hope its not to late. Ill pray for your souls.😘

  • Amanda
    Amanda15 dager siden

    Mocking them and censorship makes them more believable.

  • Miguel Rogel
    Miguel Rogel15 dager siden

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  • Luis Ortega
    Luis Ortega15 dager siden

    But why is John Cena always undressing?

  • Aleksandrs Masharo
    Aleksandrs Masharo15 dager siden

    These conspiracy theories, I am tired hearing that there might is virus who kills people. That's conspiracy theory, just point on sick people and yell new fancy name to make stuff up. Bravo, virus theory reached right audience, the idiots.

  • DudeRyanDude
    DudeRyanDude16 dager siden

    “I’m not convinced that a government that couldn’t hide a semen-stained dress could orchestrate one of the most complicated conspiracies of all time.” - Sam Harris

  • johnmacrae2006


    2 dager siden

    @Antonio Raphael Every country in the world follows the lead of Britain and America. The Anglo-American banking establishment has more or less run the entire world for the last 100-150 years.

  • Antonio Raphael

    Antonio Raphael

    2 dager siden

    Yeah, and that every country in the world is in on it

  • johnmacrae2006


    5 dager siden

    @DudeRyanDude It struck me as odd that Ken Starr went on to become President of Baylor University during their sexual assault scandal, and later join Trump’s legal team defending him during his impeachment. The man is a master of disaster, there’s no way he has that good a nose for the spotlight.

  • EcoAnarchist
    EcoAnarchist16 dager siden

    To those who think they're awake and are pro-GOP. Here's the truth you're all being brainwashed to deny: pizzagate is low hanging fruit. stop falling for the obvious they want you to know about stuff in plain sight that's why they put it out there. Yes it's for MK-ULTRA effects but it's also meant for you to look at. Did you guys know there's a BANNED documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence" that predates pizzagate? Yes it exposes the GOP for having a pedophile sex ring. Here's the truth about how the 2 parties opperate and that they're 2 sides of the same coin. Different approaches same agenda. As well as my personal solution the only real solution.. Republicans = dystopia (society driven based around chaos, violence, brutality) Escape from L.A./NY apocolyptic scenario every person for themselves, survival of the fiddest. Democrats = utopia (society driven based around obedience, slavery and soft/slow killing) The Matrix scenario kept within a false perfect world while slowly being killed off from poisons and toxins. You need to realize this is all a game and you're falling for all the traps. lol it's sad how easily people are manipulated by either side of the spectrum. Left or Right doesn't matter you're all brainwashed do more research. Learn what controlled opposition is what a shill is! Idiots on the left are falling for the DNC's utopia. Idiots on the right are falling for the GOP's dystopia. fucking wake up! my solution: Eco/Green-Anarchism = freedom, peace, equality, governless without corporatism society. which sounds good to you? Which society would you rather live in? Are you: A. a Republican/Libertarian/ANCAP (a believer of nonsensical bullshit) B. a Democrat/Green/Solarpunker (a believer of the "official" story/experts without question) C. an Eco/Green-Anarchist (a critical thinking individual who can think for yourself) 3rd party systems like the Green Party, Libertarian Party and ANCAPS (Anarcho-Capitalists), independents are controlled opposition they still promote the existance of corporatism and government. Any government big or small means control, fear and enslavement. "I leave symbols for the symbol minded" ~George Carlin "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." -Vladmir Lenin

  • arthur king
    arthur king16 dager siden

    Now the conspiracy theorists are talking about the vaccine. One that I've heard is that it contains nanotechnology to track people's whereabouts. That would be a waste of money, what do they think cell phones do?

  • chao tran
    chao tran16 dager siden

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  • Mica Lakai
    Mica Lakai16 dager siden

    The Alex Trebek video did not age well.

  • Elizbeth Soto
    Elizbeth Soto17 dager siden

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  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen17 dager siden

    I asked the Chumash Indian Woman about Chumas Youth and she said she won't let Giovanni Boccaccio's Fairfield Alabama go because of the Maritime Law events of April 16, 1943

  • Steph Morgan
    Steph Morgan17 dager siden

    John Oliver, I love and share your videos all the time! But did you ever think that so many people believe in Conspiracy Theories because many things our Conspiracy Theory parents said were going on behind the scenes (red flag operations, fake attacks to warrant wars, medical testing and drugging of civilians without their knowledge or consent....) came with FOI documents 30-50 years later that proved they were 100% correct? That the US Government knew about Pearl Harbour and chose not to act? Check it out for yourself- the FOI documents are there :) That Jim Jones did not, in fact, shoot himself in the head and was, in fact, being stalked by the CIA? The former can be evidenced if not proven by the photographs of him lying dead, with a bullet hole in his left temple and an exit hole in his right. He was right handed. The latter is provable by FOI documents released BY THE CIA. I could go on. Maybe the only point I'm making is that, while the earth is not flat and AIDS was not manufactured in a lab (so far as we know or can prove today), people have an inherent distrust in organisations that consistently lie to them and violate their human rights. This particular episode of yours is like taking kids raised in abusive homes and making a vlog about how stupid they are to think that those in authority would ever wish to harm them. Frankly, much as I love your shows, this one disappoints me. I should think you would have more insight than this. Ultimately, there are only two kinds of people in the world- those who believe the Government has their best intentions at heart and those who think. Now challenge my view by making a video about all the times 'conspiracy theorists' proved their cases just by sitting back and waiting for the FOI documents, which normally either surface in the end, or a great deal of FOI's are released with every single word redacted because the Government still doesn't want to tell you what they've done, whilst giving the impression of being forthright and transparent.

  • goodwitchy
    goodwitchy17 dager siden

    Vaccine passports? (check), Klaus Schwab & his 4th Industrial Revolution? (check), Multiple jabs needed (for the rest of your life?), maybe!!! Eventually people will know the truth.

  • Kshitij Pradhan

    Kshitij Pradhan

    17 dager siden

    Read Eric dubay's book "200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball"

  • Tim Darlington
    Tim Darlington17 dager siden

    Read a book

  • андрей долгов
    андрей долгов18 dager siden

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  • Erica Rose
    Erica Rose18 dager siden

    It’s going to be RIP viewers if they continue to show John Cena taking his shirt off. 🥵