China & Uighurs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


John Oliver discusses the human rights abuses the Uighur people are facing at the hands of the Chinese government, and why those atrocities are worth our undivided attention.
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  • Cl Ewe
    Cl Ewe3 timer siden

    On Human Rights in Xinjiang👇👇👇 Annex to the letter dated 12 July 2019 from the representatives of Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Comoros, the Congo, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, the Sudan, the Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkmenistan, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the State of Palestine to the United Nations Office at Geneva addressed to the President of the Human Rights Council Mr. President, Madam High Commissioner, We, the co-signatories to this letter, reiterate that the work of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) should be conducted in an objective, transparent, non-selective, constructive, non-confrontational and non-politicized manner. We express our firm opposition to relevant countries’ practice of politicizing human rights issues, by naming and shaming, and publicly exerting pressures on other countries. We commend China’s remarkable achievements in the field of human rights by adhering to the people-centered development philosophy and protecting and promoting human rights through development. We also appreciate China’s contributions to the international human rights cause. We take note that terrorism, separatism and religious extremism has caused enormous damage to people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, which has seriously infringed upon human rights, including right to life, health and development. Faced with the grave challenge of terrorism and extremism, China has undertaken a series of counter-terrorism and deradicalization measures in Xinjiang, including setting up vocational education and training centers. Now safety and security has returned to Xinjiang and the fundamental human rights of people of all ethnic groups there are safeguarded. The past three consecutive years has seen not a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang and people there enjoy a stronger sense of happiness, fulfillment and security. We note with appreciation that human rights are respected and protected in China in the process of counter-terrorism and deradicalization. We appreciate China’s commitment to openness and transparency. China has invited a number of diplomats, international organizations officials and journalist to Xinjiang to witness the progress of the human rights cause and the outcomes of counter-terrorism and deradicalization there. What they saw and heard in Xinjiang completely contradicted what was reported in the media. We call on relevant countries to refrain from employing unfounded charges against China based on unconfirmed information before they visit Xinjiang. We urge the OHCHR, Treaty Bodies and relevant Special Procedures mandate holders to conduct their work in an objective and impartial manner according to their mandate and with true and genuinely credible information, and value the communication with member states. We request that this letter be recorded as an official document of the 41st session of the Human Rights Council and that it be published on the OHCHR website. Unquote... The root cause of these terrorism and internal troubles are caused by the American government, CIA and its allies.

  • Universum


    21 minutt siden

    Look closely at the list of countries that have signed this letter. None of these countries have proper human rights or are at least questionable.

  • paul alexander
    paul alexander6 timer siden

    The view of the "camp" at 14:50 looks like a view of Auschwitz.

  • Student A Fake
    Student A Fake8 timer siden

    I remember similar satellite imagines for Iraqi’s WMD.

  • Erkang Wang
    Erkang Wang11 timer siden

    Those are just residential buildings -_- it’s 5G generation already, you guys cannot come up with conclusion merely based on random residential buildings pics.

  • 10noah9
    10noah912 timer siden

    Thanks for bringing this to the surface. It truly is outrageous to see what is going on over there. If he would just wear pants, it wouldn't be such an ordeal!

  • Ermuhambet Calmenov
    Ermuhambet Calmenov13 timer siden

    China must collapse aswell

  • Romain A
    Romain A15 timer siden

    All countries should boycott China. No more trade with this country.

  • 大猫d d
    大猫d d17 timer siden


  • 刘竞博
    刘竞博17 timer siden

    Man, you've lost all your creditability. :(

  • Debbie Erceg
    Debbie Erceg21 time siden

    Uighurs are human and people victimised by China. Look China wake up we are humans and as a western world human to hear that this is still happening in your country it's sickening and who decides to do these acts has mental health. It's cruel it's wicked. Well I'm a kiwi and if you know what we as humans act and doesn't matter what race we are we are taught to be kind and giving and loving and we are equal we share with others. That's God's way and I pray for you all to change. Just very sad what you do to Uighur woman. Disgraceful.

  • My Love
    My Love22 timer siden

    Volkswagen, I will never buy any SHIT from you.

  • My Love
    My Love22 timer siden

    I stop buying Nike now. Los Angeles apparel is my store now

  • Tib Tenzin
    Tib TenzinDag siden

    Free Tibet Free Hong Free Taiwan Free Mongolian Free Uyghur

  • Rash Omondi
    Rash OmondiDag siden

    That is why China doesn't have suicide bombings and 9-11s in their cities.

  • T Lindsay
    T LindsayDag siden

    The amount of respect I have lost for your work after finding out you’re associated with the next for autism event is astronomical. If you can’t do the one google search it takes to listen to autistic voices on this matter, then I dont trust you to properly research your stories. Nothing about us, without us!

  • Marius Marks
    Marius MarksDag siden


  • Luis Sant'Ana
    Luis Sant'AnaDag siden

    that’s why we don’t tear down the west

  • Lucid Potato
    Lucid PotatoDag siden

    No Islamic country has the guts to even point this to China,let alone do something about it



    16 timer siden


  • Ja'Quandre Jones
    Ja'Quandre JonesDag siden

    Nike doesn't even care if kid slaves make their shoes, think they care if ethnic minorities are forced to?

  • Kallian Tribe
    Kallian TribeDag siden

    Nazism ... Nazism never changes ...

  • An Pan
    An PanDag siden

    Uighurs are better looking from a common Chinese perspective. And Uighurs have their own national funded resturants where we can't get in, the food is so cheap and good that lots of students pretend to be muslims to get in, fun fact :)

  • Assassin Logan13
    Assassin Logan132 dager siden

    Alright here's my video on the Chinese Govern- aaaaaaand it's gone..

  • Canadian Breeze
    Canadian Breeze2 dager siden

    All 1st world countries should end trade with China

  • Ken Yang
    Ken Yang2 dager siden

    Such a joke for US media to talk about human rights.

  • Tony Condom
    Tony Condom2 dager siden

    Western people care about chinese Muslim more than their own Muslim, Intresting~

  • Peter Hooper
    Peter Hooper2 dager siden

    It would have been really, really good to learn the names of other countries than Nike and VW involved in taking advantage of Uighur exploitation... you know, so that those of us who write letters could know who to address.

  • Universum


    5 minutter siden

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  • Andrej N.
    Andrej N.2 dager siden

    Now I know how much bullshit is in your Show - you should be ashamed of yourself! I for myself was there some time ago, many of my Muslim friends are enjoying living there and I thank the youtubers from China for showing what’s really going on. And for you sir: learn how to do proper journalism

  • Universum


    49 sekunder siden

    @Andrej N. ''Doesn’t matter where you live: Россия, Deutschland, America ... anywhere in the world - we’re all connected'' This is your channel description. Yet, you're siding with a country that's disconnecting itself of from the rest of the world

  • Andrej N.

    Andrej N.

    Dag siden

    @Lord Flint ok boomer

  • Lord Flint

    Lord Flint

    Dag siden

    Bad bot

  • Ann Dalton
    Ann Dalton2 dager siden

    he blames capitalism for the COMMUNIST Chinese practices? The media is OUT OF CONTROL

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham3 dager siden

    Anyone else hearing “Native American suppression”

  • Ellipsis115
    Ellipsis1153 dager siden

    1:19 Man, I understand them delaying the eyelash story back then but they keep delaying it?!? I'm unsubbing if we don't get it soon...

  • Jenny
    Jenny3 dager siden


  • 周周
    周周3 dager siden

    一群几百年来一直屠杀穆斯林的基督教国家 大声叫嚣着中国在迫害穆斯林。 而真正的穆斯林国家却没什么反应! 这是不是很奇怪??? 哈哈,,, 美国人不喜欢中国,也不喜欢穆斯林, 但是他们非常喜欢中国穆斯林。 发现里面诡异的地方没有??

  • AccountName
    AccountName3 dager siden

    I wish I could like a video twice.

  • Robbie Cruz
    Robbie Cruz3 dager siden

    Pretty sure there was this one Leader of the worlds super power who said Mexicans were Rapist and Murderers. Seems like these evil people just follow the same rhetoric must be a Nationalism thing.

  • Samatar Mousta
    Samatar Mousta3 dager siden

    When those brainwashed ex convicts commit terrorists act in Europe kill dozens innocent people which wrong westernmedia act like world war and blame muslims community why muslims are silent without even give them voice

  • Samatar Mousta
    Samatar Mousta3 dager siden

    War in terrorists remains me Bush administration excuse for Iraq war after that a lot country used terrorists shit to killed masskiling muslims people in India or Myanmar where Buddhist so call peace people masskilied burn there home business kick them from there's country 45000.00 muslims minority and amnesty international human rights Obama administration UN European union muslims country expect Turkey we're silence when young adults western born brainwashed by cowards terrorists bcus unjustice done to muslims country to western country which is faults untrue most the kiling muslims minority happens in Asia some case Africa or Saudi Arabia like wat doing in Yemen western world in save place for muslims people

  • jason Bayview wok
    jason Bayview wok3 dager siden

    Still looks way better than Iraq, Afghanistan, and .....

  • Lord Flint

    Lord Flint

    Dag siden

    @jason Bayview wok in what way extactly?

  • jason Bayview wok

    jason Bayview wok

    Dag siden

    @Mr. Garrison their life will better than Canada in 10 years, do you think that’s healthy?

  • Mr. Garrison

    Mr. Garrison

    Dag siden

    That's. Not healthy thinking.

  • rae -
    rae -3 dager siden

    nice job aiding in western propaganda to manufacture consent for war. the disinformation in this video is incomprehensible and utterly revolting.

  • Zingg
    Zingg3 dager siden

    Remember what English did to Qing Dynasty? They “helped” by exporting drugs and capitalized The Hans. I hope they improved.

  • Jennifer Ho
    Jennifer Ho4 dager siden

    Stop the Rubbish demonic rumors on China . Show us data.

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    There’s literally images of the camps and victims who escaped telling news reporters what the ccp did to them. You’re chinese defending your government, you’re just as guilty as him for supporting him

  • Mehreena Ahmad
    Mehreena Ahmad4 dager siden

    One reason why outsourcing is bad = human rights violations *FREE THE UGHYIR MUSLIMS*

  • f7902 dh
    f7902 dh4 dager siden

    Good god. Fake news with 2 actors. Looking at John lying is hilarious.

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    What makes you say they’re actors? Y would they just lie like that?

  • Serpa TAcna
    Serpa TAcna4 dager siden

    Free uyghur People

  • Luca Ferrieri
    Luca Ferrieri4 dager siden

    The irony is so many from the conservative side of the aisle in the US would lambast China for their comments on Uighurs, yet make exactly the same comment/defended Trump's comments about people from Mexico, migrant caravans, and Muslims during the Muslim travel ban... Interesting concidence, wouldn't you say?

  • Xandria1955
    Xandria19554 dager siden

    If you want to know the real XJ go check this man's channel. nolocal.infovideos. XJ is just a new hit point for US, know one knows more about genocide than US, just check the Indians. In China there are 53 minority races and 20000+ mosques all over the country, we don't do genocide, we don't care what you believe and what's your religions, we only care about what you actually do.

  • Jian Han
    Jian Han4 dager siden

    Thanks for spreading misinformation, VW definitely disagrees with you opinion, even you own fucking ex-president disagreed with you.

  • kamthang changsan
    kamthang changsan4 dager siden

    Wat is wrong they are getting job in other cities,,

  • Chris Sun
    Chris Sun4 dager siden

    I always wonder one thing - of all the 50+ minority groups in China, why the Uighurs? What would be the incentive and benefit for suppressing a harmless group of people? Why not suppressing all minority groups?

  • raweriio
    raweriio5 dager siden

    China taking a page out of the USA playbook.

  • Marcus Sconiers
    Marcus Sconiers5 dager siden

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    Franklin Gush

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    Donnie Bleu

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  • Marek O'Pole
    Marek O'Pole5 dager siden

    china #1 racist and totalitarian state in our world

  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • Sagure So
    Sagure So5 dager siden


  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • yip Y
    yip Y5 dager siden

    BCI withdraw her accusation of "forced labour" to Xinjiang today because of no evidence for justifying her accusations.

  • HypeX_007
    HypeX_0075 dager siden

    Oh boi I think I am about to have the largest collection of likes since the holocaust....

  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • Archie Wei
    Archie Wei5 dager siden

    Hahaha, do you find yourself funny now?

  • 秦留洋
    秦留洋5 dager siden

    well you lost taiwan in the map 1:16. it is part of china which is the fact even you American admit

  • 28 Summilux
    28 Summilux5 dager siden

    Shameless western media how dare you comment on Chinese government cracking down terrorists in XJ? That is to prevent the terrorist attacks by the terrorists trained by US troops stationed in Afganistan. Why else US troops are there? Bombing the 10 dollar tents? US is doing all the dirty work to bring down China like the trade war, tech war, riots in HK, etc. That's so obvious to the world, exept for the brained washed dummies.

  • MaxPower9000


    7 minutter siden

    @RIDHWAN SAMEJA killing Muslims in iraq , Afghanistan and Libya ? Yes



    16 timer siden

    Using concentration camps? No

  • ImTheArc
    ImTheArc5 dager siden

    i like pie

  • ImTheArc
    ImTheArc5 dager siden

    i like voting beans for governor.

  • Li Jiaxing
    Li Jiaxing5 dager siden

    Speak like you have been to Xinjiang and did your investigations. Those photos were mostly from the footage films of prisons, and all the sudden they give you a view that “oh, that’s the violation of human rights.” How about you go to the prison of the US and take some photos, and another report can describe the similar stories “US government intentionally hold massive amount of people in many minority groups, such as African Americans and Hispanic Latino.” Also go to the warehouses of Amazon, oh, minorities are forced to work with no medical insurance and a few PPE day and night and only get minimum wages were given. Twisting the fact can be easily done with a few misleading photos and “facts” that you have no proof for.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner5 dager siden

    13:57 John, I'm not sure we want to know the answers...

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner5 dager siden

    11:07 It's long since been obvious China is an authoritarian nation, but I never thought I'd see something out of China that we would see that would knowingly resemble what is in neighboring North Korea.

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    @Rodney Milner that acc goes on every comment that calls china guilt and just replies to them. How desperate is she to make ppl believe the concentration camps r fake.

  • Rodney Milner

    Rodney Milner

    4 dager siden

    @Xandria1955 Are you saying I'm too anti-China?

  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner5 dager siden

    4:27 I didn't know they had a thing for Goku's hair in China.

  • Rodney Milner
    Rodney Milner5 dager siden

    In my opinion, it is overdue for John to do a segment on Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  • 记录济南生活
    记录济南生活5 dager siden

    so what about now huh, very objective Oliver?

  • Lofty Paragon
    Lofty Paragon6 dager siden

    I think the uighur problems is because we muslim dont heed Albaqarah 2:49

  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • big blob
    big blob6 dager siden

    Nice to see "someone" investing in terrorism and national hatred again.

  • C —111 SAMAK ALAM
    C —111 SAMAK ALAM6 dager siden

    17:53 I cried to 😭 Allah please protect our uguyrs brothers and sisters



    2 dager siden

    @Tibetan Monk lord I have a lot of patience, but the heart cries for my brothers who are not at fault, yet they are being punished

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    Have sabr and Allah SWT will send the ccp to the lowest level of hell fire and our Uyghur brothers and sisters will be freed

  • Xandria1955


    4 dager siden


  • TheFutureBossMe
    TheFutureBossMe6 dager siden

    Still waiting for the eyelash story

  • shafiq beig
    shafiq beig6 dager siden

  • PGT
    PGT6 dager siden

    ASPI is part of the US Arms lobby and is massively pro-war with china, not the best organisation to cite here. But it's still a pretty fucking horrific that shit like this happens. Just like how the US has a huge issue with killing and locking up Blacks in an unjust way, how Muslims are persecited by Hindus in India, and how Uighurs are persecuted in China, can we all just say that this global wave of fascism is a Plague driven by the interests of those who seek to profit off the poor? Superpowers and corrupt individuals suck. Do all that you can to stand up to these individuals and hold these bastards to account. Fighting this Plague is decent, but thankless. Fuck The CCP, Fuck RepDems, fuck the BJP. Fuck 'em all.

  • Adam
    Adam6 dager siden

    Eyelashes? More like cumbrellas!

  • James
    James6 dager siden

    New evidence of genocide in Xinjiang: Don't know why my comments kept getting deleted by NOlocal...........

  • Des S
    Des S6 dager siden

    says the country that nuked Japan and bombed civilians in 'terrorist countries'. China is trying to deal with terrorism in a more peaceful manner. Rather than bomb everyone and everything after a terrorist attack, they are trying to prevent it. Save your tears for the original Americans, whose culture and population is almost non existent in America. The Uighur population is growing and their culture is still very much alive. But thank you for your concerns. It's quite admirable how much you care about muslims in China.

  • Mercerr Cutright

    Mercerr Cutright

    6 dager siden

    Almost like this video has nothing to do with America

  • Sean Wu
    Sean Wu6 dager siden

    Its actually amazing how many people have actually fallen for this. lol. its weird how these 'abuses' have been happening for 6 years but only in the last year has been labeled as such. honestly its too late to run any kind of smear campaign. only the people in these white countries falling for it. and surprise surprise the world is bigger than that. Its always been amazing how these so called liberals will literally not believe anything trump says apart from things about China. I mean if you are gonna believe him, why not drink bleach? or go take over the government? e/ I didnt have the slightest idea of what was going on apart from what I see on MSM news but like it took literally 30 mins of watching random dudes that's actually there talking to Uighurs to see that all of it is bs. and I mean it makes sense, the US is so scared of China that they just make things up. reminds me of trump saying that biden was on performance enhancing drugs for a debate. lol.

  • Sooth Sayer
    Sooth Sayer7 dager siden

    Yes John completely fake news

  • hj w
    hj w7 dager siden

    Greate Fake News. The fact is so prove that u r wrong.

  • BigGir100
    BigGir1007 dager siden

    I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about Israel!

  • Lexi
    Lexi7 dager siden

    Yep. There are people denying/defending straight up genocide in the comments. Fun

  • chao zhang
    chao zhang7 dager siden

    damn fake news 。totally shit

  • Pranita Vatsal
    Pranita Vatsal7 dager siden

    this exactly why tibet did not want to be a part of china! The Han chinese have time and again worked towards earasing whats not han chinese. In a country much bigger than India, it only makes sense to have more dicersity than India. But no! they killed thier diversity, and hypocrites in islamic nations like pakistan chose money over human rights. Having ethnic clashes is one thing, but having a sysematic government set up ethnic cleansing camp is whole different level of horrifying.

  • Cliff
    Cliff7 dager siden

    imagine thinking "aggressively secular" is a bad thing. I hate the chinese government just as everyone else, and I know there is a genocide of Uighur muslims going on. But you need to understand what you're saying. Being secular is good.

  • Taylor Black
    Taylor Black7 dager siden

    13K CCP members disliked this video.

  • Kew W

    Kew W

    13 timer siden

    @Tibetan Monk lord Yea, except that one is Chinese.

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    @Kew W u know that Turkish and Uyghurs r pretty similar

  • Kew W

    Kew W

    5 dager siden

    @Joel Davis Dude, lot's them are actually turkish and claim to be uyghurs on televeision. If you look for hard proof, like official medical records or actual footages of tortures of uyghur population, you actually can't find any. Logically speaking, genocide of such scale on a state that's covered by highly developed internet and transportation network can't possibliy be going off the radar, and so there has be hard proof like actual footages leaking out and become headlines in rest of the world. However, so far, there is none, except for some satelite images that can't really tell schools from prisons.

  • Joel Davis

    Joel Davis

    5 dager siden

    @James Please point out to us uninformed what facts that we need to check. Please feel free to post citations that show that this episode is essentially just a bunch of bullshit.

  • L84 wok

    L84 wok

    6 dager siden

  • Max Liu
    Max Liu7 dager siden

    Using a 2008 clip in 2020? is that all you can do? I witnessed kid thieves on the streets in Shanghai from Xinjiang, used by some adults, like human trafficking in the US. Corporations all over the world knows they are using kid underpaid slaves.

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    Where’s ur proof? Just because u saw it doesn’t mean it’s real. You’re probably lying.

  • curves2murves
    curves2murves7 dager siden

    As someone who is living in China, I have to say that most of the western coverage on China is biased and not based on reality. They forget to mention how the Uighur population is growing faster than the average Chinese population and how Uighur kids get added credits to their colledge admissions to top Chinese universities simply for being Uighur. And none of these people have ever been to Xinjiang themselves to see what it is actually like in real life. Instead they quote one person's obscured personal opinion and use satelite images as "evidence" when anyone who has ever sat foot into China will immediately recognise that that is no evidence at all. Why is no one talking about the brutal murder of white farmers in South Africa? Oh, that's right, there is no economical or political gain in that. You are not hearing about Xinjiang because western powers think it is inhumane and care about people, they just have their own political agenda and China is a threat to them.

  • Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee7 dager siden

    I was nearly convinced till I watched the actual full video. I am utterly appalled by evil journalism by the west, in this case BBC. Watch this :

  • John Linden
    John Linden7 dager siden

    Yes, all countries ought to have Secular regimes with principles of religious freedoms ! But, also freedoms from religions ! How can we assure that citizens have choosen or not chosen what to believe or not believe ! Early life religious conditioning is problematic because it too frequently distorts and alienates peoples from eachother and can create conflicts among them which does not contribute to social solidarity ! Children ought to be raised with secular humanistic values and when old enough choose to embrace a religion or not ! Societies and parents ought not to have the right to impose antiquated bronze age myths and fables on their vulnerable children !

  • Mark R.
    Mark R.7 dager siden

    China has passed the usa and is the world leader (people in the usa and europe need to understand this). Can anyone from the usa or europe ask how they treat muslims before we judge. Please continue to fight for human rights but it is like england telling the usa what to do. England has Colonization, the usa has Slaverey, China is going to have this.

  • Alainpbat
    Alainpbat8 dager siden

    For the record, the interview where the woman called people robbers and thieves they were talking about the region of XinJiang and not the ethnic group in particular.

  • Jevon Frost
    Jevon Frost8 dager siden

    Yes the cpc is appalling the same as Islam

  • Abeer Ramadan
    Abeer Ramadan8 dager siden

    That Volkswagen dude acts like ignorance is an excuse 😒

  • Abeer Ramadan
    Abeer Ramadan8 dager siden


  • Abeer Ramadan
    Abeer Ramadan8 dager siden

    Re-education camps my ass. More like forced labour camps. They don't need "re-education" y'all need to relearn innocent until proven guilty 😭😢

  • Cody Maxwell
    Cody Maxwell8 dager siden

    So basically the Chinese treat and think of them like we do black people in america? Wow doesn't look like our over seas counterpart Asians were CAUCasians. So maybe its just genetic to be predjuiced

  • Cody Maxwell

    Cody Maxwell

    2 dager siden

    @Tibetan Monk lord yeah that's true but you know what I meant. China dont fuck around

  • Tibetan Monk lord

    Tibetan Monk lord

    3 dager siden

    Kind of, but china is much more harsh. Americans don’t put every single black person in concentration camps like how chinese does to Muslims.

  • George Kiambuthi
    George Kiambuthi8 dager siden

    You just described European colonialism in Africa

  • lala do
    lala do8 dager siden

    The Japanese government plans to dump the Fukushima waste water into the Pacific Ocean.Moreover, Fukushima nuclear waste water has been accidentally discharged into the ocean many times during the earthquake, which will harm all the Uyghurs

  • Kingfish
    Kingfish8 dager siden

    This all sounds concerning, but the sources are all quite vague. I get a massive 'WMD in Iraq' feeling from all off this.

  • Refolly
    Refolly8 dager siden

    It’s fake propaganda

  • Lone Waffle
    Lone Waffle8 dager siden

    Lol, you people actually believe this propaganda?

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist9 dager siden

    The following is what I borrowed from a Malaysian NOlocalr’s comment: I’m from Malaysia. China has traded with Malaysia for 2000 years. In those years, they had been the world’s biggest powers many times. Never once they sent troops to take our land. Admiral Zhenghe came to Malacca five times, in gigantic fleets, and a flagship eight times the size of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, Santa Maria. He could have seized Malacca easily, but he did not. In 1511, the Portuguese came. In 1642, the Dutch came. In the 18th century the British came. We were colonised by each, one after another. When China wanted spices from India, they traded with the Indians. When they wanted gems, they traded with the Persian. They didn’t take lands. The only time China expanded beyond their current borders was in Yuan Dynasty, when Genghis and his descendants Ogedei Khan, Guyuk Khan & Kublai Khan concurred China, Mid Asia and Eastern Europe. But Yuan Dynasty, although being based in China, was a part of the Mongolian Empire. Then came the Century of Humiliation. Britain smuggled opium into China to dope the population, a strategy to turn the trade deficit around, after the British could not find enough silver to pay the Qing Dynasty in their tea and porcelain trades. After the opium warehouses were burned down and ports were closed by the Chinese in ordered to curb opium, the British started the Opium War I, which China lost. Hong Kong was forced to be surrendered to the British in a peace talk (Nanjing Treaty). The British owned 90% of the opium market in China, during that time, Queen Victoria was the world’s biggest drug baron. The remaining 10% was owned by American merchants from Boston. Many of Boston’s institutions were built with profit from opium. After 12 years of Nanjing Treaty, the West started getting really really greedy. The British wanted the Qing government: 1. To open the borders of China to allow goods coming in and out freely, and tax free. 2. Make opium legal in China. Insane requests, Qing government said no. The British and French (with supports from the US), started Opium War II with China, which again, China lost. The Anglo-French military raided the Summer Palace, and threatened to burn down the Imperial Palace, the Qing government was forced to pay with ports, free business zones, 300,000 kilograms of silver and Kowloon was taken. Since then, China’s resources flew out freely through these business zones and ports. In the subsequent amendment to the treaties, Chinese people were sold overseas to serve as labor. In 1900, China suffered attacks by the 8-National Alliance (Empire of Japan, Russian Empire, British Empire (including India), France, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary). Innocent Chinese civilians in Peking (Beijing now) were murdered, buildings were destroyed & women were raped. The Imperial Palace was raided, and treasures ended up in museums like the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris. In late 1930s China was occupied by the Japanese in WWII. Millions of Chinese died during the occupancy. 300,000 Chinese died in Nanjing Massacre alone. Mao brought China together again from the shambles. There were peace and unity for some time. But Mao’s later reign saw sufferings and deaths from famine and power struggles. Then came Deng Xiao Ping and his infamous “black-cat and white-cat” story. His preference in pragmatism than ideologies has transformed China. This thinking allowed China to evolve all the time to adapt to the actual needs in the country, instead of rigidly bounded to ideologies. It also signified the death of Communism in actually practice in China. The current Socialism+Meritocracy+Market Economy model fits the Chinese like gloves, and it propels the uprise of China. Singapore has a similar model, and has been arguably more successful than Hong Kong, because Hong Kong being gateway to China, was riding on the economic boom in China, while Singapore had no one to gain from. In just 30 years, the CPC have moved 800 millions of people out from poverty. The rate of growth is unprecedented in human history. They have built the biggest mobile network, by far the biggest high speed rail network in the world, and they have become a behemoth in infrastructure. They made a fishing village called Shenzhen into the world’s second largest technological centre after the Silicon Valley. They are growing into a technological power house. It has the most elaborate e-commerce and cashless payment system in the world. They have launched exploration to Mars. The Chinese are living a good life and China has become one of the safest countries in the world. The level of patriotism in the country has reached an unprecedented height. For all of the achievements, the West has nothing good to say about it. China suffers from intense anti-China propagandas from the West. Western Media used the keyword “Communist” to instil fear and hatred towards China. Everything China does is negatively reported. They claimed China used slave labor in making iPhones. The truth was, Apple was the most profitable company in the world, it took most of the profit, leave some to Foxconn (a Taiwanese company) and little to the labor. They claimed China was inhuman with one-child policy. At the same time, they accused China of polluting the earth with its huge population. The fact is the Chinese consume just 30% of energy per capita compared to the US. They claimed China underwent ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang. The fact is China has a policy which priorities ethnic minorities. For a long time, the ethnic minorities were allowed to have two children and the majority Han only allowed one. The minorities are allowed a lower score for university intakes. There are 39,000 mosque in China, and 2100 in the US. China has about 3 times more mosque per muslim than the US. When terrorist attacks happened in Xinjiang, China had two choices: 1. Re-educate the Uighur extremists before they turned terrorists. 2. Let them be, after they launch attacks and killed innocent people, bomb their homes. China chose 1 to solve problem from the root and not to do killing. How the US solve terrorism? Fire missiles from battleships, drop bombs from the sky. During the pandemic, When China took extreme measures to lockdown the people, they were accused of being inhuman. When China recovered swiftly because of the extreme measures, they were accused of lying about the actual numbers. When China’s cases became so low that they could provide medical support to other countries, they were accused of politically motivated. Western Media always have reasons to bash China. Just like any country, there are irresponsible individuals from China which do bad and dirty things, but the China government overall has done very well. But I hear this comment over and over by people from the West: I like Chinese people, but the CPC is evil. What they really want is the Chinese to change the government, because the current one is too good. Fortunately China is not a multi-party democratic country, otherwise the opposition party in China will be supported by notorious NGOs (Non-Government Organization) of the USA, like the NED (National Endowment for Democracy), to topple the ruling party. The US and the British couldn’t crack Mainland China, so they work on Hong Kong. Of all the ex-British colonial countries, only the Hong Kongers were offered BNOs by the British. Because the UK would like the Hong Kongers to think they are British citizens, not Chinese. A divide-and-conquer strategy, which they often used in Color Revolutions around the world. They resort to low dirty tricks like detaining Huawei’s CFO & banning Huawei. They raised a silly trade war which benefits no one. Trade deficit always exist between a developing and a developed country. USA is like a luxury car seller who ask a farmer: why am I always buying your vegetables and you haven’t bought any of my cars? When the Chinese were making socks for the world 30 years ago, the world let it be. But when Chinese started to make high technology products, like Huawei and DJI, it caused red-alert. Because when Western and Japanese products are equal to Chinese in technologies, they could never match the Chinese in prices. First world countries want China to continue in making socks. Instead of stepping up themselves, they want to pull China down. The recent movement by the US against China has a very important background. When Libya, Iran, and China decided to ditch the US dollar in oil trades, Gaddafi’s was killed by the US, Iran was being sanctioned by the US, and now it’s China’s turn. The US has been printing money out of nothing. The only reason why the US Dollar is still widely accepted, is because it’s the only currency which oil is allowed to be traded with. The US has an agreement with Saudi that oil must be traded in US dollar ONLY. Without the petrol-dollar status, the US dollars will sink, and America will fall. Therefore anyone trying to disobey this order will be eliminated. China will soon use a gold-backed crypto-currency, the alarms in the White House go off like mad. China’s achievement has been by hard work. Not by looting the world. I have deep sympathy for China for all the suffering, but now I feel happy for them. China is not rising, they are going back to where they belong. Good luck China.

  • Zakary Loreto

    Zakary Loreto

    6 dager siden

    Why do so many Chinese copy the same comment, and anyways its wrong as China literally CLAIMS Malaysian islands today so he is lying.