Astroturfing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Organizations can hire fake advocates who create the illusion of real support for their message. It’s a shady practice called astroturfing that can warp the public perception of anything...even astroturfing.
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  • Da Co
    Da Co13 timer siden

    The Radical Right Wing Republican party has zero morals.

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker3 dager siden

    “Hyper active hyper drive, AstroTURF” -Woody

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr.
    Harry. B. Renner. jr.6 dager siden

    When I first seen this. I thought for sure it something to do with the NFL.

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr.
    Harry. B. Renner. jr.6 dager siden

    Are you sure that struggling actor dude isn't one of Trump's long lost children. thanks John you just opened my eye's to something. astroturfing explains Trump supporters.

  • Ved Joglekar
    Ved Joglekar6 dager siden

    You should have called the fake show parody of yours Last Week Tonight Geddit

  • jb888888888
    jb8888888887 dager siden

    I was really expecting Prince Jordan Tyson to be in that end commercial. Disappointed.

  • Kyle Pirko
    Kyle Pirko8 dager siden

    What in the holy FUCKIN hell would a mother put AN OPEN FLAME in the crib with her baby!!!???!!! What the FUCKIN hell is wrong with people.

  • 4philipp
    4philipp11 dager siden

    With governments not protecting their citizens, news being either ideology driven or flat out fake news and consumer groups being fronts for commercial special interest groups, internet searches rarely providing facts and Italian greyhounds setting babies on fire...who are people left to trust?

  • 4philipp


    6 dager siden

    Beck Cetera whose common sense?

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden

    Common sense. Trust common sense haha.

  • Felis Impurrator
    Felis Impurrator12 dager siden

    Citizens United itself is an astroturf name.

  • For Valgoria
    For Valgoria14 dager siden

    Rick Berman?? What is it with Ricks

  • Puck Vagabond
    Puck Vagabond14 dager siden

    If you want know another good video on astroturfing look up second thought he does a really great video long with John Oliver that explains Astro surfing and second thought you had some other more recent examples of astroturfing

  • Julie W.
    Julie W.14 dager siden

    I remember when Mel Gibson was in a similar commercial back in the 80's/90's, which successfully stopped having rules & regulations in relation to vitamins. These rules where important because there were NO regulations involved with vitamins. A vitamin could be made of 1% semen and 99% chalk, with no requirement to tell it's customers. The commercial, however, was very funny and at the end, told people to call in to their congressmen to stop these regulations, and Americans blindly called in. They received more calls on this, then they did for the Vietnam war, and stopped the regulations. Now, I believe that has since changed, and they now have regulations - I think. This was because people actually died from vitamins and supplements, and they finally realized how important it is to have regulations on anything that gets ingested by a human being (or their pets, for that matter). The fact that people BLINDLY called Congress to fight something that would keep them safe, because a funny commercial told them to, is disturbing, and that type of thinking (blindly doing what an entertainer tells you to without thinking of the consequences) helps explain why the United States is the way it is [voting in an absolute idiot and sociopath because he's entertaining, spending decades arguing things that are easily fixable with a little co-operation (like using ID to vote - yes, I was surprised when I found out your country doesn't use ID - yes, use ID, it's faster and easier, but also provide options for people who don't have any ID - it's just commons sense; Hell, you can even list your current laborious system as one of the options if you don't have ID) and arguing stupid things when the police are blindly stealing from, and killing it's citizens, or certain politicians (especially the GOP) that are openly ignoring/breaking their vows, the law, and the Constitution].

  • thehighlander333
    thehighlander33315 dager siden

    I’m surprised John didn’t get after the lady for not closing her trunk 0:53

  • Brad Brad Brad Brad
    Brad Brad Brad Brad15 dager siden

    man seeing richard berman get brought up in this video is a tragic reminder of all the grief he caused his son all the up to his death last year. david berman was one of the wittiest songwriters and poets out there and it's a shame there was no peace he could find due to his father's reprehensible work

  • Mein Name
    Mein Name16 dager siden

    2:55 that dog... is it hitler?

  • Shrednaut
    Shrednaut16 dager siden

    Anyone else see the guy in the background that put his fingers in his nose and then put them into his mouth?

  • Tommy Field
    Tommy Field16 dager siden

    John Oliver: talks shit about sprite English food: ....

  • Viper
    Viper18 dager siden

    Really? An adult, a mom, put a lit candle inside the baby’s crib? 🙄 BULLSHIT.

  • Katie TSO
    Katie TSO18 dager siden

    This would be more funny without the laugh tracks

  • Eerix 81
    Eerix 8119 dager siden

    Did that woman in the soda commerical leave her car open?

  • Bo St James
    Bo St James19 dager siden

    Jessee Dollarmore

  • Jonni0608
    Jonni060821 dag siden

    Watching this in August 2020. 10:23 I wasn't watching the screen and I heard that voice and those accusations. I thought that video had skipped to one from present time and was about current day protests. So for Trump people can't protest him or the RNC unless they are paid to. Which he should appreciate as a free market capitalist.

  • Jonni0608
    Jonni060821 dag siden

    How often is this show sued? 😊 Keep on informing us on the most arcane topics.

  • Vaishant Makhijani
    Vaishant Makhijani22 dager siden

    And when Indian government goes after these shady NGOs, people crib

  • GoblinOfGygaxinor
    GoblinOfGygaxinor24 dager siden

    Are you saying infants never get burned by candles? btw I'm from Danbury, lol.

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden

    No, John was not saying people of any age never get burned by candles he was saying that parents do not typically put candles into a crib where their baby is sleeping. He was talking about this because Dr. David Heimbach repeatedly used various examples of how he first hand witnessed this at multiple different times. What John Oliver is saying is that people who are involved in shady scams are lying in court to push legislation through.

  • A Malaysian
    A Malaysian24 dager siden

    I wasn't under oath? And somehow this equals a free pass to tell fairy tales in front of legislatures?

  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl29 dager siden

    Kidnap all astroturfers, tie them to a chair under a low hanging head light and beat the shit out of them while shouting "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!!!"

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden

    I mean, they probably have stock in the chair, lightbulb, and rope manufacturers so...

  • Ilan Smolders

    Ilan Smolders

    25 dager siden

    calm down there, satan

  • David Fortier
    David FortierMåned siden

    A republican accusing protesters of being paid.... that's pure solid gold.

  • Peggy Trawick
    Peggy TrawickMåned siden

    Kamala Harris is a prosecutor but she looks at predators like Donald Trump and cockroaches

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden


  • Lee Jordan
    Lee JordanMåned siden

    Merchants of Doubt

  • dueler101
    dueler101Måned siden

    can we all take a minute to respect the people the oliver sends to HBO to get things like a non-profit organization

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden


  • Nebosvod gonzalez
    Nebosvod gonzalezMåned siden

    It seems a little bit odd that this guy is with so many babies that mysteriously burned to death. He seems like some kind of murderer that's just burning babies to death. every time he stated this he was in front of a judicial judge and blamed some other woman for the baby's death.

  • Zak B
    Zak BMåned siden

    I have never in my life been paid for protesting and I've been protesting shit since 2008

  • Beck Cetera

    Beck Cetera

    7 dager siden

    Paid protesters aren't real protesters they are struggling actors or jobless people randomly hired by PR...I've never been paid to hold a door open but I've been holding doors open for the person behind me since 1993; doormen get paid to do this.

  • Jonni0608


    21 dag siden

    Some people can't fathom doing anything actually relatively selfless for free. Or can't understand that people are genuinely unhappy with them.

  • Paul is a person
    Paul is a personMåned siden

    Astroturfing looks like a German word form far away

  • Ilan Smolders

    Ilan Smolders

    25 dager siden

    depending on where you live. If you live in Hamburg, Germany isn't that far away

  • Kameron Tive
    Kameron TiveMåned siden

    That Cosa Nostra canine sounds like he wants to bite peoples faces off for donating to the Humane Society.

  • Pestilencemage
    PestilencemageMåned siden

    Ok, now I'll preface this with the fact that I DO NOT support this stuff... BUT: I CAN say that I do not attend ANY protest, even for crap I DO support... because I have s*** to do and bills to pay. It would NOT be amoral in any way for me to accept money to be a "paid protestor" *IF* I already agreed with the cause in question, except that it does falsely suggest that I am NOT donating my time and taking the presumed loss of doing so... which honestly factors little in any conversation anyway. Fact is: taking money is not inherently corruption. Changing your stance because of that money is. In my case, it would change behavior... as I was unable to otherwise attend vs if I was going anyway, in which case, by all means, get some idiot to pay you for what you were going to do for free and you are a f***ing ROCK STAR. REMEMBER that: before you head out to that protest... see if some moron will pay you. Don't tell them you were going anyway though. Let them swallow the guilt they are probably incapable of feeling as the s*** person they clearly are for trying to purchase your support, and feel free to expose them after you get paid and avoid signing any non-disclosure agreement if you are going to do that.

  • SarahJ
    SarahJMåned siden


  • Kaede Sakura
    Kaede Sakura2 måneder siden

    "The three largest makers of flame retardents" and there at the top is my future workplace. Now I feel guilty. Like some kind of accomplice to the crime

  • rftulie
    rftulie2 måneder siden

    That Heimbach guy has serious vibes of Dan Aykroyd's character who marketed "bag-o'-glass."

  • Carla Vidal
    Carla Vidal2 måneder siden

    3:15 PeTA?